Last commit made on 2013-04-23
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1decebd... by Colin Watson

ensure that openssh-blacklist-extra stays in main even after moving off the server image

21ccb89... by Colin Watson

ensure that python-svn stays in main even after moving off the server image

4b9b866... by Chuck Short

seed cinder-backup, quantum-lbaas-agent, and quantum-plugin-midonet

287117f... by Adam Conrad

Move powerpc to 3.8.0-9, omap4 to 3.5.0-223, master to 3.8.0-19

b5b0bfa... by Matthias Klose

- seed libpython2.7-testsuite and libpython3.3-testsuite

364535e... by Adam Conrad

Seed nvidia-experimental-NNN too

91f8bc0... by Colin Watson

Move powerpc to 3.8.0-8, omap4 to 3.5.0-222, master to 3.8.0-18

0adb88d... by Colin Watson

Move master to 3.8.0-17

fb0f466... by Matthias Klose

- supported-sysadmin-common: Added upstart-monitor. It could have been
  added to supported-sysadmin-desktop since it _can_ run as a GUI, but
  in the absense of GUI libs, it'll run in CLI mode automatically.

27957bb... by Adam Conrad

Move master to 3.8.0-16, powerpc to 3.8.0-7