Last commit made on 2012-10-15
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c730e43... by Colin Watson

add shim-signed to d-i-requirements on amd64, for secure boot support

d936e8e... by Adam Conrad

Seed nvidia-settings-updates to keep it in restricted

0e4b50b... by Steve Langasek

Seed sbsigntool, which we eventually want build-depended on by shim but want
pulled into main before that's ready to go

108d2c6... by Steve Langasek

switch to 3.5.0-1603 (armadaxp)

97a9b02... by Adam Conrad

Add build-essential to build-essential

9317655... by Colin Watson

add kernel-signed-image-${Kernel-Version}-di [amd64] to installer

21d04b2... by Colin Watson

switch to 3.5.0-213 (omap4)

6a2efb6... by Steve Langasek

Further seeding of grub-efi-amd64-signed where needed

50c1248... by Steve Langasek

Pull grub-efi-amd64-signed into the installer builds, so that grub-installer
can make use of it for SecureBoot support

bd0e732... by Adam Conrad

Move master kernels to 3.5.0-17