Last commit made on 2012-07-04
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83736b1... by Colin Watson

switch to 3.0.0-22 (main architectures) 3.0.0-1212 (omap4)

3747b96... by Martin Pitt

seed remaining linux packages, fix natty -> oneiric

6550fd8... by Adam Conrad

seed u-boot-linaro-mx53loco for mx53 images

bf9be05... by Adam Conrad

Add linaro-vexpress and linaro-omap to boot to keep those kernels in since d-i uses them, and bump the omap4 ABI to 1205

59b3b96... by Colin Watson

switch to 3.0.0-1007 (linaro-omap/linaro-vexpress)

a9c4f20... by Colin Watson

explicitly seed python-pyrex to work around bzr build-dependency ordering (LP: #785706)

d11a382... by Colin Watson

switch to 3.0.0-12 (main architectures)

d90c4fc... by Colin Watson

switch to 3.0.0-11 (main architectures)

b793e30... by Colin Watson

switch to 3.0.0-1204 (omap4)

4a2e00d... by Colin Watson

switch to 3.0.0-10 (main architectures)