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407bec9... by Steve Langasek

don't seed flash-kernel and redboot-tools, the kernel already pulls these in
correctly on its own; that just leaves uboot-mkimage, which should be moved
to a kernel package recommends for lucid. (LP: #457536)

b84d44b... by Steve Langasek

add the armel subarch-specific bootloader packages (redboot-tools,
flash-kernel, uboot-mkimage) to d-i-requirements

45fbb99... by Colin Watson

sync with ubuntu.karmic: ensure that grub is shipped on CDs, since it's needed for dmraid (LP: #436340)

7785388... by Colin Watson

switch to 2.6.31-14 (main architectures) 2.6.31-105 (imx51) 2.6.31-208 (dove)

a762374... by Colin Watson

use partman-uboot on armel

506b372... by Colin Watson

switch to 2.6.31-13

a5835ee... by Oliver Grawert

bump imx51 ABI to -103 bump dove ABI to -206

c7e1a60... by Colin Watson

switch to 2.6.31-12

60d499c... by Mathias Gug

Rename shorewall to shorewall-shell now that the shorewall package doesn't exist anymore (it was a transitional package since intrepid depending on shorewall-shell). shorewall-shell has been in main since hardy.

abed18d... by Steve Langasek

unseed obsolete linux-kernel-devel, vmware-*-kernel-modules packages