Last commit made on 2009-05-04
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a5b2f27... by Martin Pitt

drop thinkfinger: unmaintained, broken

3392289... by Colin Watson

the -386 kernel is built from linux-ports, not linux; fix its ABI

27890e4... by Colin Watson

drop ppp-udeb from installer to supported-installer, since it isn't used by default and causes confusion when customising images (LP: #362989)

7bcb2e9... by Martin Pitt

remove bootchart (requires more universe stuff now), and bootchart-udeb (does not exist any more)

29ae30e... by Loïc Minier

add redboot-imx51-babbage; used to build armel iMX51 Babbage SD card images

4325dc8... by Colin Watson

redboot-tools-udeb is needed for the Babbage board

d34abb5... by Colin Watson

drop micro-evtd-udeb; it's only for orion5x, which we won't be supporting for jaunty

6dd0f28... by Steve Langasek

seed dovecot-postfix, the new integration package

afa7e26... by Steve Langasek

re-seed shorewall on supported-network-common, having been dropped from

0d50f55... by Steve Langasek

add python-moinmoin to supported-misc-servers, accidentally dropped when
cleaning up the Ubuntu server CD