Last commit made on 2021-07-07
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e893459... by Steve Langasek

binary package name, not source package name

48da53f... by Utkarsh Gupta

Add python-aws-requests-auth to supported-misc-servers

LP: #1915445; needed for Google images.

efb6be6... by Utkarsh Gupta

Add prips to supported-misc-servers

LP: #1930207; needed for Google images.

7de8786... by Steve Langasek

directly seed xz-utils in standard.

Was previously pulled in as a dependency of mime-support, and this is a
widely-used compression format that we should keep installed by default
along with gzip. bzip2 has also dropped out of the seed, but not seeding
this directly as that is a compression format that is largely superseded
by xz in practice.

dfe2140... by Steve Langasek

Use media-types instead of mime-support in standard

The latter is a transitional package that also depends on mailcap -> perl

1c777e8... by Steve Langasek

Merge remote-tracking branch 'rbalint/hirsute' into hirsute

0203992... by Ɓukasz Zemczak

Merge branch 'raspi-settings-platform' of git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~waveform/ubuntu-seeds into hirsute

Merged branch ~waveform/ubuntu-seeds:raspi-settings-platform
d44f033... by Balint Reczey

Stop seeding xe-guest-utilities and rax-nova-agent in supported-cloud

LP: #1923616

a6de22b... by Steve Langasek

unseed nftables which has not completed its MIR

5c0cafa... by Dave Jones

Promote ubuntu-raspi-settings to raspi-common seed

This ensures it will be installed on both desktop and server images (in
groovy it was in desktop images only)