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02a422d... by Adam Conrad

Move sensible-utils to the non-Essential section of required

3daa69a... by Adam Conrad

Move sensible-utils to required to match zesty

1292b0a... by Adam Conrad

Seed sensible-utils to minimal

b6f0d9c... by Jeremy Bicha

desktop-common: Move fonts from desktop. Add fonts-indic. All as recommends

LP: #1720809

d6433d1... by Jeremy Bicha

standard: Recommend apt instead of transitional apt-transport-https

(LP: #1712871)

be405bc... by Ɓukasz Zemczak

Added fonts for Telegu and Kannada

375a4c6... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

desktop-common: Added fonts for Kannada and Telegu (LP: #1719934)

67ab55e... by Steve Langasek

seed ubuntu-advantage-tools in minimal; LP: #1686183

2b4838d... by Dimitri John Ledkov

systemd v234 no longer requires resolvconf nor libnss-resolve to implement foundations-y-local-resolver.

1f0b485... by Steve Langasek

seed opal-prd for ppc64el; LP: #1555904