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25b7580... by Brian Murray on 2020-06-24

run pre-build.sh

a211563... by Brian Murray on 2020-06-24

Only pass the package name to apport in the event that there is a dpkg error during a distribution upgrade. (LP: #1884148)

3f518ea... by Brian Murray on 2020-06-24

debian/91-release-upgrade: exit 0 if run as a non-root user. (LP: #1873545)

1c3af4c... by Patrick Wu on 2020-05-19

debian/91-release-upgrade: fix 91-release-upgrade issue when running as non-root user

(LP: #1873545)

fb10529... by Brian Murray on 2020-05-05

Run pre-build.sh

* data/mirrors.cfg: update as some mirrors have been removed as they do not
  mirror Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
* data/demoted.bionic.cfg: updated for packages that were removed nearer
  the release date.

3125cc3... by Brian Murray on 2020-05-05

Update DistUpgrade.cfg.bionic with an IgnoredTasks section

7922943... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2020-04-26

gbp dch changelog entry

38c4b54... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2020-04-26

DistUpgradeCache: Ignore BaseMetaPkgs' & obsolete tasks during server upgrade

ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-base are forced to stay installed via
BaseMetaPkgs / keepBaseMetaPkgs rule during either desktop or server
upgrades. During server upgrades, we try to establish which Tasks are
installed, we do this by iterating all packages and checking if all
packages of a given Task are installed. This is the case for
ubuntu-minimal & ubuntu-standard. But they are not manually-installed
tasks. Instead they are handled with a metapackage only, to allow
alternative implementations of certain components
(i.e. time-daemon). Thus during upgrade we should not force install
those, but instead rely on keeping BaseMetaPkg installed only to
esnure that alternative selections of time-daemons is permitted and is
not changed.

Also, this function might missdetect as obsolete tasks as
installed. For example Task: ubuntu-core should no longer exist, as
the metapackages for it got dropped, but we forgot to remove the
metadata from the archive. If it happens that ubuntu-core appears to
be fully installed, do not try to preserve it on upgrades.

LP: #1872902

6be7226... by Brian Murray on 2020-04-08

Run pre-build.sh

3ad06f2... by Brian Murray on 2020-04-08

data/mirrors.cfg, utils/update_mirrors.py: Add in ddebs.ubuntu.com as an official package source.