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6f42071... by Brian Murray

releasing package ubuntu-release-upgrader version 1:20.04.39

857cadb... by Brian Murray

Manually run utils/update_mirrors.py to update mirrors.

2b01b00... by Nick Rosbrook

data: manually update mirrors.cfg

The age check in pre-build.sh prevented this from happening in the
previous run.

dc977e4... by Nick Rosbrook

releasing package ubuntu-release-upgrader version 1:20.04.38

edf0082... by Nick Rosbrook

Run pre-build.sh: updating translations.

7a8a075... by Nick Rosbrook

do-release-upgrade: preserve env vars needed for screen lock prevention

The screen lock prevention code relies on environment variables such as
DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS being preserved, since the
org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver DBus interface is needed. This works in
cases where the dist-upgrade script is invoked with 'sudo -E' (e.g.
DistUpgradeViewText frontend). However, when pkexec is used (e.g.
DistUpgradeViewGtk3 frontend) the environment variables cannot be
preserved as per pkexec's design.

Add an --env flag to do-release-upgrade that accepts a comma-separated
list of environment variables (e.g. VAR1=VALUE1,VAR2=VALUE2) which should be set when
executing the dist-upgrade script. This approach is similar to the
existing workaround for RELEASE_UPGRADER_ALLOW_THIRD_PARTY, but is
generalized to allow any environment variables to be set.

Finally, when the DistUpgradeViewGtk3 or DistUpgradeViewKDE frontends
are used, and the do-release-upgrade script is re-exec'd with pkexec,
--env so that the screen lock prevention code works with these

LP: #1968607

9d91adf... by Brian Murray

releasing package ubuntu-release-upgrader version 1:20.04.37

9644bfd... by Brian Murray

pick Update mirrors, demotions, and translations.

34eade3... by Brian Murray

Use ubuntu-archive-keyring to verify upgrades, irrespective of how apt-key is configured.

df02d16... by Brian Murray

releasing package ubuntu-release-upgrader version 1:20.04.36