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be8781f... by Balint Reczey

Drop obsolete bzr-buildpackage config

062d155... by Balint Reczey

debian/gbp.conf: Add default configuration

319a789... by Balint Reczey

debian/control: Update Vcs-*: URLs

2764a3f... by Balint Reczey

Add .keep files to preserve empty directories

971bc3e... by Brian Murray

Ensure package sources are refreshed after modification. Thanks to
Bruno Nova for the patch. (LP: #1075537)

8e2290d... by Scott Moser

support adding cloud-archive repositories using syntax like
cloud-archive:havana from add-apt-repository (LP: #1233486)

7097c57... by Marc Deslauriers

* SECURITY UPDATE: possible privilege escalation via policykit UID lookup
  - softwareproperties/dbus/ pass
    system-bus-name as a subject instead of pid so policykit can get the
    information from the system bus.
  - CVE-2013-1061

b2fd626... by Marc Deslauriers

* SECURITY UPDATE: improve gpg key validation to prevent MITM attack
  (LP: #1016643)
  - softwareproperties/ download gpg key to temporary keyring, and
    validate using v4 fingerprint before importing to apt keyring.

fd99547... by Didier Roche

Wrap all dbus calls under a try/except catch for unauthorized calls.
Adding a small warning on the command line
(original work by Edward Donovan) (LP: #828850)

94bfcd2... by Philip Muškovac

manually shift the policy index to work around wrong upgrade policy being
set. (LP: #944876)