Last commit made on 2021-04-15
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9e4fae0... by Sebastien Bacher

Remove use of getiterator which is deprecated in python3.9

8564165... by Brian Murray

releasing package software-properties version 0.99.8

e48cb1a... by William Wilson

Enable tests to run on armhf

2b9ed61... by Dan Streetman

update changelog for 0.99.7

c6dea61... by Dan Streetman

update debhelper version to 13

This also overrides dh_missing to use --list-missing, since with
debhelper level 9 it was doing absolutely nothing before.

We should fix all the listed missing files.

6ab04cd... by Dan Streetman

test: fix use of CA_ALLOW_CODENAME in test_shortcuts

Don't hardcode 'bionic', use CODENAME instead

dbe1e49... by Dan Streetman

test: replace add-apt-repository tests from d/t/

Add a normal unittest to replace the removed d/t/add-apt-repository-*

eb1c12c... by Dan Streetman

d/t: remove old autopkgtests

They will be moved into a normal unittest class

c36abe7... by Dan Streetman

d/t: skip tests on armhf

Unfortunately, the autopkgtest armhf testbeds are very unreliable

ae2522a... by Dan Streetman

d/t: remove dep on python3-pycurl

only used pycurl, and it was rewritten and no longer uses it