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network manager 0.6.x branch tracking ubuntu development release

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126. By Alexander Sack on 2008-06-26

* RELEASE 0.6.6-0ubuntu7 to ubuntu/intrepid

125. By Alexander Sack on 2008-06-26

* Fix LP: #203016 - "Memory Leak in NetworkManager"; Robert Knight found a
  leak the nm_dbus_net.c code.
  - add debian/patches/46_lp203016_nm_dbus_get_ap_from_object_path-leak-fix.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* document in debian/changelog

124. By Alexander Sack on 2008-06-05

* fix typo in patch name - 45_debian_backup_fix_dialup.patch should read
  - move debian/patches/45_debian_backup_fix_dialup.patch => debian/patches/45_debian_backend_fix_dialup.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* update debian/changelog entry accordingly

123. By Alexander Sack on 2008-05-16

* Fix LP: #147119 - "network manager gives couldn't activate dialup service
  warning"; we properly set status to the return value of nm_spawn_process;
  thanks to bendis <email address hidden> for finding this glitch.
  - add debian/patches/45_debian_backup_fix_dialup.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* document in debian/changelog

122. By Alexander Sack on 2008-05-09

* Fix LP: #124706 - "Cancel 'Wireles Key Required' dialog, can't connect on
  subsequent attempt"; we only blacklist and AP if receiving the secret
  ends up with a dbus error != NMI_DBUS_USER_KEY_CANCELED_ERROR
  - add debian/patches/44_lp124706_dont_blacklist_ap_on_user_cancel_key.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

121. By Alexander Sack on 2008-05-09

* open tree for development

120. By Alexander Sack on 2008-05-09

RELEASE 0.6.6-0ubuntu6 to ubuntu/intrepid

Apply patch contributed by xtknight:
  * debian/patches/43_fix_termination_spelling_error.patch:
    - change "terminiation" to "termination". (LP: #214860)
  * document in debian/changelog

119. By Alexander Sack on 2008-03-31

* RELEASE 0.6.6-0ubuntu5 to ubuntu/hardy

118. By Alexander Sack on 2008-03-31

merge topic branch for LP: #209466 confirmed to fix zd1211rw hidden SSID

  * add zd1211rw to the set of has_buggy_apscan_2_drivers to fix hidden
    network issues (LP: #209466)
    - update debian/patches/42b_fix_ap_scan_hidden.patch

117. By Alexander Sack on 2008-03-31

* remove commented line from 42c_terminate_supplicant_cleanly.patch
  - update debian/patches/42c_terminate_supplicant_cleanly.patch

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