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35d16ae... by Dimitri John Ledkov

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.619

f918cd5... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Subiquity: install linux-firmware in the installer layer, to make firmware blobs available in the live session. LP: #1847835

d0b6220... by Steve Langasek

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.618

c89806b... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Do not create a hook manually for ubuntu-cpc builds, make-hooks does not like that.

8caa938... by Dimitri John Ledkov

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.617

4788e90... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Create the lxd group as a system group for all projects. (LP: #1844498)

3fa9134... by Dimitri John Ledkov

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.616

4c534bc... by Dimitri John Ledkov

subiquity: Use LazyUnmount=yes on memorymapped /usr/lib/modules.

Subiquity images mount /usr/lib/modules from a squashfs, which systemd
tries to unmount on shutdown, whilst they are still being in use. As
systemd-udevd kmod built-in's libkmod has modules.* files
memorymapped. This produces an warning on shutdown, flooding the
screen with messages as systemd switches to a more verbose
output. Specify LazyUnmount=yes on that mount, such that unmount call
succeeds without flooding the shutdown log.

fd9257c... by Ɓukasz Zemczak

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.615

8cb442c... by Robert C Jennings

magic-proxy: dump proxy log to stdout on failure

When we encounter a failure in 'lb binary' the launchpad builders can
only surface the build output from stdout. If the binary hook failure
implicates the archive we can not determine fault without the apt
proxy log. This patch will dump the proxy log to stdout to aid in
debugging these failures.