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ffb0649... by Utkarsh Gupta

Update d/ch for 23.10.43 release

fdf8779... by Utkarsh Gupta

Get rid of all whitespaces in d/ch

5e38cbe... by Steve Langasek


12a2109... by Utkarsh Gupta

fix: install LXD snap from stable/ubuntu-<version> channel (LP: #2036725)

In the past, we'd directly snap install lxd which defaults to
the latest/stable channel. However, whilst working on enhancing
unminimize, it was observed that we install this snap from
the stable/ubuntu-<version> channel instead.

This was also noted as a failure when running the CTF tests:
`lxd installed from latest/stable, not stable/ubuntu-23.10`

2712c65... by Steve Langasek

word wrapping

2e85441... by Philip Roche

Update d/ch for 23.10.42 release

a5c5883... by Philip Roche

fix: Fix the missing `fi` with the recent changes in the `unminimize` script for `ubuntu-cpc` project (LP: #2036591)

Fixes bug introduced in commit 75db56ce

The missing if statement end `fi` caused build failures due to syntax errors.

308f52e... by Steve Langasek

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 23.10.41

6820ef3... by Steve Langasek

Merge remote-tracking branch 'toabctl/boot-partition' into ubuntu/master

e26b264... by Utkarsh Gupta

Update d/ch for 23.10.40 release