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59b8d5c... by Steve Langasek

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.694.6

e8c19e7... by Steve Langasek

Merge remote-tracking branch 'codyshepherd/buildd/hide-grub-menu-gg' into ubuntu/groovy

e4f910e... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.694.5

6041bfe... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Merge remote-tracking branch 'toabctl/sru-groovy-lp1926732' into ubuntu/groovy

ec99ec3... by Thomas Bechtold

add debian/changelog entry

15d0783... by Thomas Bechtold

add configure_oci function and use it in ubuntu-oci

With that, the Dockerfile modifications[0] currently done externally
are done now here. That means that the created rootfs tarball can be
directly used within a Dockerfile to create a container from scratch:

FROM scratch
ADD livecd.ubuntu-oci.rootfs.tar.gz /
CMD ["/bin/bash"]


(cherry picked from commit a81972a58b004897bf3e5c14ff371bc2f6b5e4b8)

9623794... by Thomas Bechtold

Add new ubuntu-oci project

This is a copy of the ubuntu-base project.
Currently ubuntu-base is used as a base for the docker/OCI container
images. The rootfs tarball that is created with ubuntu-base is
published under [0]. That tarball is used in the FROM statement of the
Dockerfile as base and then a couple of modifications are done inside
of the Dockerfile[1].
The ubuntu-oci project will include the changes that are currently
done in the Dockerfile. With that:

1) a Dockerfile using that tarball will be just a 2 line thing:

   FROM scratch
   ADD ubuntu-hirsute-core-cloudimg-amd64-root.tar.gz /
   CMD ["/bin/bash"]

2) Ubuntu has the full control about the build process of the
docker/OCI container. No external sources (like [1]) need to be
modified anymore.
3) Ubuntu can publish containers without depending on the official
dockerhub containers[2]. Currently the containers for the AWS ECR
registry[3] use as a base[4] the official dockerhub containers. That's
no longer needed because a container just needs a Dockerfile described
in 1)

When the ubuntu-oci project has the modifications from [1] included,
we'll also update [1] to use the ubuntu-oci rootfs tarball as a base
and drop the modifications done at [1].

Note: Creating a new ubuntu-oci project instead of using ubuntu-base
will make sure that we don't break users who are currently using
ubuntu-base rootfs tarballs for doing their own thing.


(cherry picked from commit ac4a95b9314cf1f8ce01f42016c271c0a6078372)

4244c30... by Robert C Jennings

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.694.4

806356e... by Gauthier Jolly

ubuntu-cpc: secure esp mountpoint (LP: #1881006)

Change mount option for ubuntu-cpc images from "defaults" to
"umask=0077". ESP partitions might contain sensitive data and
non-root users shouldn't have read access on it.

027f89a... by Cody Shepherd

Update changelog