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0316d52... by Balint Reczey

debian/control: Update Vcs-*: URLs

9ce35ee... by Balint Reczey

Add .keep files to preserve empty directories

f03871b... by Łukasz Zemczak

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.478.1

499e047... by Łukasz Zemczak

Backport Gary's commit adding the IMAGEFORMAT=none to support generating a single rootfs.

8991c5c... by Steve Langasek

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.478

06eec40... by Steve Langasek

Merge lp:~mwhudson/livecd-rootfs/subiquity-stable-refresh-safety

1a99680... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Remove snap.subiquity.started from subiquity's After=/Requires= as it
does not fix the race condition they were intended to address and causes
subiquity to be killed when snapd refreshes subiquity (LP: #1724411)

895e2a5... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Seed the subiquity snap to track the stable channel (LP: #1724410)

c69a970... by Steve Langasek

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.477

e53ad3b... by Steve Langasek

Fix server live image to pull subiquity from the stable channel, not
from edge.