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e4e05f1... by Robert C Jennings

Release 2.620.2

909a6f8... by Robert C Jennings

Do not unconditionally install the core snap

Seeing any snap via snap_preseed will evaluate the base for each snap
and seed the appropriate base. There should be no reason to explicitly
seed the 'core' snap and with snaps moving to 'core18' this will add
'core' without need.

9ff34ae... by Robert C Jennings

Fix logic to ensure snapd is seeded in core18-only images

The _snap_post_process function is meant to install snapd if core18 is the
only core snap installed or removed snapd if core is installed and snapd
was not explicitly installed. But the current logic in _snap_preseed
will never call _snap_post_process. $core_name will never be empty
with the existing logic, but even if it were that would only be for the
'core' snap and we'd miss using the 'core18' logic that pulls in snapd.
Given the case statement in _snap_post_process can handle doing the
right thing given any snap we can just call it unconditionally.

9bdc750... by Steve Langasek

2.620.1 was never tagged or accepted, so just make this 2.620.1.

64b0510... by Robert C Jennings

Address snap base regression after snap-tool removal

With the removal of snap-tool failures are seen in image builds that do
not have the 'core' snap included by the seed. This is the case for the
minimized subproject of the ubuntu-cpc project where lxd/core is removed.
In that subproject, any binary hook which adds a snap that is based
on 'core' will not add 'core' and fail 'snap debug validate-seed'.
snap-tool included the following logic in the 'snap-tool info' when
determining snap bases:

    # Have "base" initialized to something meaningful.
    if self.is_core_snap():
        snap_data["snap"]["base"] = ""
    elif snap_data["snap"].get("base") is None:
        snap_data["snap"]["base"] = "core"

The snap store does not return a base if the base is core which makes
this necessary. This patch looks for the base in 'snap info' output
and if none is found (and the snap is not snapd or core) it assumes the
base is 'core' and installs it. This restores the behavior lost in the
migration from snap-tool to snap cli.

2b0d201... by Robert C Jennings

Use snap cli rather than custom snap-tool (LP: #1864252)

snap-tool was added to support a deprecate cohort-key feature of the
snap store. Recent changes in snap assertions have added additional
fields which snap-tool is not retrieving. This resulted in snap install
failures on first boot.

This patch removes snap-tool and returns to using the snap cli.
This ensures snap downloads will function without odd incompatibilities.

7c85d91... by Adam Conrad

Limit the lxd group to images with an installer; it's less appropriate for random tarball images, which are configured in ways we don't know.

35d16ae... by Dimitri John Ledkov

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.619

f918cd5... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Subiquity: install linux-firmware in the installer layer, to make firmware blobs available in the live session. LP: #1847835

d0b6220... by Steve Langasek

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.618