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3d6b006... by Chris Coulson

releasing package grub2 version 2.04-1ubuntu47.5

d960585... by Chris Coulson

Bump grub-efi-{amd64,arm64} dependency on grub2-common for LP: #1995751

b10a773... by Chris Coulson

Bump SBAT generation

e109be4... by Chris Coulson

Don't drop dosfstools as a build-dependency because it's required for vfat FS tests

d22329a... by Chris Coulson

Fix the squashfs tests during the build

f38649b... by dann frazier

linuxefi: Invalidate i-cache before starting the kernel (LP: #1987924)

- d/p/linuxefi-Invalidate-i-cache-before-starting-the-kern.patch

Gbp-Dch: Full

0248534... by Chris Coulson

Add security fixes for November 15th disclosure

  * SECURITY UPDATE: Fix out of bounds writes due specially crafted fonts.
    - add debian/patches/font-Fix-several-integer-overflows-in-grub_font_construct.patch
    - add debian/patches/font-Fix-an-integer-underflow-in-blit_comb.patch
    - CVE-2022-2601, CVE-2022-3775
    - LP: #1996950
  * Fix various issues as a result of fuzzing, static analysis and code
    - add debian/patches/font-Reject-glyphs-exceeds-font-max_glyph_width-or-font-m.patch
    - add debian/patches/font-Fix-size-overflow-in-grub_font_get_glyph_internal.patch
    - add debian/patchces/font-Remove-grub_font_dup_glyph.patch
    - add debian/patches/font-Fix-integer-overflow-in-ensure_comb_space.patch
    - add debian/patches/font-Fix-integer-overflow-in-BMP-index.patch
    - add debian/patches/font-Fix-integer-underflow-in-binary-search-of-char-index.patch
    - add debian/patches/fbutil-Fix-integer-overflow.patch
    - add debian/patches/font-Harden-grub_font_blit_glyph-and-grub_font_blit_glyph.patch
    - add debian/patches/font-Assign-null_font-to-glyphs-in-ascii_font_glyph.patch
    - add debian/patches/normal-charset-Fix-an-integer-overflow-in-grub_unicode_ag.patch
  * Forbid loading of external fonts when secure boot is enabled:
    - add debian/patches/font-Forbid-loading-of-font-files-when-secure-boot-is-ena.patch
  * Bundle unicode.pf2 in a squashfs memdisk attached to the signed EFI binary
    - update debian/control
    - update debian/build-efi-image
    - add debian/patches/font-Try-opening-fonts-from-the-bundled-memdisk.patch

7c21983... by Chris Coulson

Build grub2-unsigned packages with xz compression

5523d62... by Chris Coulson

releasing package grub2 version 2.04-1ubuntu47.3

8b4a8b2... by Chris Coulson

releasing package grub2 version 2.04-1ubuntu47.2