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5d674d1... by Julian Andres Klode

releasing package grub2 version 2.04-1ubuntu12.2

d9d538a... by Julian Andres Klode

change version to 2.04-1ubuntu12.2 (UNRELEASED)
Make the linux command in EFI grub always try EFI handover; thanks
to Chris Coulson for the patches (LP: #1864533)

a23307b... by Chris Coulson

ubuntu: Update the linux boot protocol version check.

The EFI implementation of grub_cmd_linux makes use of xloadflags which was
introduced in to version 2.12 of the kernel's boot protocol, so update the
check accordingly.

ffd5d88... by Chris Coulson

ubuntu: Make the linux command in EFI grub always try EFI handover

The previous implementation only boots via the EFI handover protocol when
secure boot is enabled. This means that disabling secure boot breaks some
features that depend on the kernel being booted via the EFI handover entry
point, such as retrieval of the TCG event log.

Update the linux command to always attempt to defer to linuxefi in EFI grub
builds, regardless of whether secure boot is enabled or not. This also allows
a fallback to the non-EFI handover path on kernels that don't support it, but
only if secure boot is disabled.

eb9a765... by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

releasing package grub2 version 2.04-1ubuntu12.1

547c68d... by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

  * debian/patches/ubuntu-tpm-unknown-error-non-fatal.patch: treat "unknown"
    TPM errors as non-fatal, but still write up the details as debug messages
    so we can further track what happens with the systems throwing those up.
    (LP: #1848892)
  * debian/patches/ubuntu-linuxefi.patch: Drop extra check for Secure Boot
    status in linuxefi_secure_validate(); it's unnecessary and blocking boot
    in chainload (like chainloading Windows) when SB is disabled.
    (LP: #1845289)

6d556f9... by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

UBUNTU: tpm: Pass unknown error as non-fatal, but debug print the error we got

Bug-Ubuntu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1848892
Signed-off-by: Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre <email address hidden>
Patch-Name: ubuntu-tpm-unknown-error-non-fatal.patch

f3a1f07... by Rafael David Tinoco

Skip /dev/disk/by-id/lvm-pvm-uuid entries from device iteration

The following LVM2 commit:

commit 417e52c13a8156b11c25c411d44bda8b32bf87e4
Author: Peter Rajnoha <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Feb 18 07:27:21 2014

    udev: create /dev/disk/by-id/lvm-pv-uuid-<PV_UUID> symlink for a PV

    We already have /dev/disk/by-id/dm-uuid-... (which encompasses the
    VG UUID and LV UUID in case of LVs since the mapping's UUID is
    VG+LV UUID together) and /dev/disk/by-id/dm-name-... (which encompasses
    the VG and LV name in case of LVs).

    This patch addds /dev/disk/by-id/lvm-pv-uuid-<PV_UUID> that completes
    this scheme and makes navigation a bit easier using PV UUIDs since
    one can navigate using PV UUIDs only and there's no need to do extra
    PV UUID <--> kernel name matching (the PV UUID is stable across reboots).
    This may come in handy in various scripts.

    Since we already have the PV UUID stored in udev database (as a result
    of blkid call - returned in ID_FS_UUID blkid's variable), this operation
    is very cheap indeed, just creating the extra one symlink.

creates a udev rule that populates /dev/disk/by-id with LVM PVs
according to discovered UUIDs. That will trigger a bad logic in
debian-installer as the installer depends on grub_util_iterate_devices()
logic to discover the disks that can have grub installed.

This change only ignores those entries, so debian-installer bad
execution path is not triggered, just like grub_iterate_devices()
already does for other similar entries, like the partition ones.

Author: Rafael David Tinoco <email address hidden>
Bug-Ubuntu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1838525
Last-Update: 2019-10-07
Patch-Name: ubuntu-skip-disk-by-id-lvm-pvm-uuid-entries.patch

6098aaa... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

UBUNTU: Boot from multipath-dependent symlink when / is multipathed.

If / is multipathed, there will be multiple paths to the partition, so
using root=UUID= exposes the boot process to udev races. In addition
grub-probe --target device / in this case reports /dev/dm-1 or similar
-- better to use a symlink that depends on the multipath name.

Signed-off-by: Michael Hudson-Doyle <email address hidden>
Bug-Ubuntu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1429327
Patch-Name: ubuntu-boot-from-multipath-dependent-symlink.patch

eea51e5... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Add devicetree command, if a dtb is present.

Specically support dtb paths as installed by flash-kernel.

Signed-off-by: Dimitri John Ledkov <email address hidden>
Bug-Debian: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=929427
Bug-Upstream: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/grub-devel/2019-05/msg00121.html
Patch-Name: ubuntu-add-devicetree-command-support.patch