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1084. By Colin Watson on 2009-02-05

releasing version 20080705ubuntu3

1083. By Colin Watson on 2009-02-05

Revert previous 'modprobe -r' completion fix in favour of Ville Skyttä's
upstream fix. See Debian #512556.

1082. By Colin Watson on 2009-01-21

releasing version 20080705ubuntu2

1081. By Colin Watson on 2009-01-21

set Vcs-Bzr for Ubuntu

1080. By Colin Watson on 2009-01-21

modprobe: Check for */* before checking for 'modprobe -r', to avoid
spewing an awk syntax error (thanks, Martin Mai; LP: #316654).

1079. By James Westby on 2009-01-08

* Merge from Debian, remaining changes: (LP: #314806)
  * Add qdbus completion. (LP: #257903)
  * Fix IFS issue in _umount and correct _get_cword in _postfix
    (LP: #249337)
  * Both changes in upstream bzr.
* Added more completions to imagemagick (thanks to Nelson A. de
  Oliveira) (Closes: #487786)
* Added xrandr completion (thanks to Anton Khirnov) (Closes: #487825)
* Improving _gdb completion:
  - $filenames to $default (Closes: #463969)
  - also show directory names (i.e. compgen -d) in COMPREPLY.
  - added . to $PATH, to allow debugging "local" executables.
  - do not complete Bash's builtins (thanks to Morita Sho)
* Remove use of ucf for /etc/bash-completion (Closes: #488171).
* Revert way of setting environment variables (Closes: #487774).
* Add equals sign to _get_cword for mutt_aliases (Closes: #482635).
* Enhance mlayer completion (Closes: #487826, #487838).
* Merged Ubuntu changes:
  - added quote(), quote_readline(), dequote() helper functions.
  - added _remove_word()
  - fixed _get_cword()
  - refactored _filedir using quote_readline()
  - refactored _filedir_xspec using quote_readline()
  - fixed COMPREPLY's in _iwconfig
  - fixed _cvs()
  - _known_hosts(): use files from UserKnownHostsFile options in
                    addition to standard ones.
  - fixed _command() to correctly prune the command line
  - disabled completion of PostgreSQL users and databases
  - fixed _java_packages()
  - fixed _muttquery()
  - added flv/FLV completion to mplayer
  - added --installed to apt-cache
  - only complete on filenames for aspell
  - fixed code for exclusions compspecs
  - added code to gracefully handle debug options (set +/-v)
* Fixed IFS for filedir_xspec - Thanks to Stefan Lippers-Hollmann
  (Closes: #487571)
* Install dh-bash-completion to ease installation of completions.
* New upstream release
  - provide a manpage for extra/dh_bash-completion
  - fix semi-serious problem with _filedir() (Closes: #487449)
* debian/rules:
  - added rule to generate dh_bash-completion's manpage
* debian/install, debian/dirs:
  - installing dh_bash-completion into /usr/bin
* debian/control:
  - new package dh-bash-completion
* Comment new package to make sure current fix gets in the archive first.
* Add compression completion for vi(m).
* Urgency set to medium because the package is currently unusable.
* New upstream sub-release
  - fixed some typos here and there which prevented bash completions
    at all (Closes: #487441).
  - really closing Debian bug #455510.
* New upstream release
  - add more completions to aptitude (Closes: #432289)
  - fixed UTF-8 problem with _get_cword(), thanks to
    Andrei Paskevich (Closes: #472132)
  - fixed autoremove completion, thanks to Flavio Visentin
    (Closes: #474974)
  - cmf and CMF added to playmidi completion (Closes: #365658)
  - added rrdtool completion, thanks to Justin Pryzby (Closes: #428641)
  - added OpenDocument completion for unzip/zipinfo (.od{f,g,p,s,t})
    (Closes: #472940)
  - fixed escaping problems with job control (i.e. disown, jobs, bg,
    fg): the argument is now surrounded by "" (Closes: #347316)
  - make mkdir complete also on filenames (Closes: #376433)
  - {bz,z}{cat,cmp,diff,egrep,fgrep,grep,less,more} now should complete
    on all filenames, not just compressed archives (just commented out)
    (Closes: #455510)
  - fixes Perl completion (Closes: #470742)
  - fixes get_cword -> _get_cword typo (Closes: #478596)
  - fixes _get_cword() function to properly handle filenames with
    whitespaces (Closes: #394636, #468254, #474094)
  - added .pdf.bz2 completion to evince (Closes: #424736)
  - added .svg completion to display (Closes: #441017)
  - added .m2ts completion to mplayer (Closes: #480879)
  - added extra/dh_bash-completion to ease future rewrite of bc.
* debian/copyright - now in a fancier machine-parsable format.
* debian/control:
  - added myself to Uploaders
  - debhelper Build-Depends updated to >= 6.
* debian/watch:
  - improved current watch line regex
  - added (commented out) probable future watch line
* debian/compat bumped to 6
* debian/dirs, debian/install and debian/links added
* debian/rules:
  - refactored to make use of debian/{dirs,install,links}
* Applied patch to fix completion of umount command.
  (Closes: #470539)
* Fixed the completion of Perl manpages.
  (Closes: #404976)
* Added 'aif' to the filenames offed for completion for mplayer.
  (Closes: #474517)
* Allow tsocks completion.
  (Closes: #409423)
* Update mutt completion to handle local usernames.
  (Closes: #416655)
* Update apt-get completion to include the flag "--no-install-recommends"
  (Closes: #475242)

1078. By James Westby on 2009-01-07

Import Ubuntu's 20060301-4ubuntu3

1077. By ianmacd on 2006-03-01

Release 20060301.

1076. By ianmacd on 2006-03-01

First version.

1075. By ianmacd on 2006-03-01


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