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ALSA Libraries

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66. By Daniel T Chen

* lp652035-fix-missing-hw-devices.patch: Apply upstream git changesets
  0244370 and c049d48 to help fix LP: #652035.
* lp652035-use-extended-namehints.patch: Show hints for non-standard
  devices that lack configuration files. This patch is also required
  to help fix LP: #652035 and by consequence also addresses
  LP: #425362.

65. By Luke Yelavich

releasing version 1.0.23-1ubuntu2

64. By Daniel T Chen

* Apply upstream git changesets aadcbab through 72c7260ce
  and rediff debian/patches/relibtoolise.patch
  - correctly free dl handles, fixes LP: #552411, #584393
    (Closes: #589896)

63. By Daniel T Chen

Commit missing changes from 1.0.23-1ubuntu1 Maverick upload

62. By Luke Yelavich <luke@barbiton>

releasing version 1.0.23-0ubuntu1

61. By Luke Yelavich <luke@barbiton>

* New upstream release
  - debian/patches/:
    + Dont_leak_timer_fd_on_pcm_slave_close.patch
    + Fix-S24_3LE-softvol-distortion.patc
    + Fix-modem-on-hook.patch
    + Fix-stream-state-updates.patch
    + Fix-pcm-timer-open-subdevice-pcm_hw.patch
    + b9dbee6-Fix-threading-drain.patch
      - Dropped
    + Fix-str-lit-no-format.patch
    + lp433573-Support-Echo3G.patch
      - retained, need to be sent upstream
* Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
  - debian/rules:
    + Don't bail when removing include/alsa
  - debian/control: Add Vcs-Bzr URI
  - Add configuration files for bluetooth/bluez-alsa and pulseaudio
  - debian/libasound2.install: Ship smixer plugins for native and bi-arch
  - drop libcxxtools-dev build dependency, its in universe
  - add --with-plugindir=\$${prefix}/lib/alsa-lib to configure-stamp
  - Demote libc6-i386 pre-depends to depends for lib32asound2
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4, with no changes required.
* Readded -DUSE_VERSIONED_SYMBOLS only to the bibuild CFLAGS.
  (Closes: #570703)
* New upstream release. (Closes: #549531)
* Remove lintian overrides file; it only contains an obsolete entry.
* debian/control: Add sparc64 to Architecture field for libasound2{,-dev}
  using patch from Aurelien Jarno. Thanks! (Closes: #560405)
* debian/patches/Dont_leak_timer_fd_on_pcm_slave_close.patch: Properly
  free timer fd when closing pcm slaves. Backported from upstream master
  HEAD (LP: #451893) (Closes: #568101)
* Switched to source version 3.0.
* As we are defining CFLAGS in rules -D_GNU_SOURCE added as suposed in
  original Makefile.
* Removed -DUSE_VERSIONED_SYMBOLS from CFLAGS. It is used in the build system
* Removed lintian file installation from rules.

60. By Daniel T Chen

Demote libc6-i386 pre-depends to depends for lib32asound2 to
prevent cycle. Ubuntu has always shipped in /usr/lib32 instead
of /emul, which makes the pre-depends unnecessary.
(LP: #554149)

59. By Daniel T Chen

Uploading 1.0.22-0ubuntu6 to Lucid

58. By Daniel T Chen

Fix missing support for Echo3G devices. Thanks,
unimatrix! (LP: #433573)

57. By Daniel T Chen

Prevent drain() from blocking in threads.

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