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Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote :

> 1. Clicking/touching stopwatch icon should swipe to the corresponding Page
> (Stopwatch, World Clock)


> 2. In full sun it is hard to read when stopwatch is enabled, and when not.
> Some improvement proposal:
> - Change "Start" button color to green and "Stop" button color to red.


> - Enable "Seconds hand". I will visualise the stopwatch progress. It will
> be also very similar with World Clock. When you press "Lap" button, it will be
> restarted.

Needs visuals for this. Let's discuss with designers.

> 3. During pressing "Lap" it is hard to notice what was happen. Some numbers
> are changing. Maybe some small "lap scroll down" animation will improve that
> UX. What do you think?


> 4. It will be good to add some visual details which will be unique for Stop
> Watch, so user will know for first look what page it is displayed.

I need some visuals for this. I did look at, but need to brainstorm on how to integrate that with the current design.

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