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39. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-09-28

[ CI Train Bot ]
New rebuild forced.

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37. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-05-20

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1374459 - Support a built-in PyCURL-based downloader in
    addition to the traditional ubuntu-download-manager (over D-BUS)
    downloader. Auto-detects which downloader to use based on whether
    udm is available on the system bus, pycurl is importable, and the
    setting of the SYSTEMIMAGE_PYCURL environment variable. Initial
    contribution by Michael Vogt.
  - LP: #1384859 - Support alternative machine-id files as fall backs if
    the D-Bus file does not exist. Specifically, add systemd's
    /etc/machine-id to the list. Initial contribution by Michael Vogt.
  - LP: #1373467 - Support multiple configuration files, as in a
    `config.d` directory. Now, configuration files are named
    `NN_whatever.ini` where "NN" must be a numeric prefix. Files are
    loaded in sorted numeric order, with later files overriding newer
    files. Support for both the `client.ini` and `channel.ini` files has
    been removed.
  - The `[system]build_file` variable has been removed. Build number
    information now must come from the `.ini` files, and last update
    date comes from the newest `.ini` file loaded.
  - The `-C` command line option now takes a path to the configuration
  - LP: #1412698 - Reworked the checking and downloading locks/flags to
    so that they will work better with configuration reloading.
  - LP: #1377312 - Support for the `/etc/ubuntu-build` file has been
    removed. The build number now comes from the configuration files.
  - LP: #1377184 - Move the `archive-master.tar.xz` file to
    `/usr/share/system-image` for better FHS compliance.
  - LP: #1381538 - Since devices do not always reboot to apply changes,
    the `[hooks]update` variable has been renamed to `[hooks]apply`.
  - LP: #1333414 - For testing purposes only, `system-image-cli` now
    supports an undocumented command line switch
    `--skip-gpg-verification`. Originally given by Jani Monoses.
  - LP: #1417176 - A new D-Bus signal `Applied(bool)` is added, which is
    returned in response to the `ApplyUpdate()` asynchronous method
    call. For devices which do not need to reboot in order to apply the
    update, this is the only signal you will get. If your device needs
    to reboot you will also receive the `Rebooting(bool)` command as
    with earlier versions. The semantics of the flag argument are the
    same in both cases, as are the race timing issues inherent in these
    signals. See the `system-image-dbus(8)` manpage for details.
  - As part of LP: #1417176, the `--no-reboot` switch for
    `system-image-cli(1)` has been deprecated. Use `--no-apply` instead
    (`-g` is still the shortcut).
  - LP: #1419027 - Support production factory resets. `system-image-cli
    --production-reset` and a new D-Bus API method `ProductionReset()`
    are added. Given by Ricardo Salveti.
  - LP: #1399687 - A new key, `target_version_detail` has been added to
    the dictionary returned by the `.Information()` D-Bus method.
  - LP: #1387719 - The `User-Agent` HTTP header now also includes device
    and channel names.
  - LP: #1423622 - Added `--progress` flag to `system-image-cli` for
    specifying methods for reporting progress. Current available values
    are: `dots` (compatible with system-image 2.5), `logfile`
    (compatible with system-image 2.5's `--verbose` flag), and `json`
    for JSON records on stdout.
  - Support for the `SYSTEMIMAGE_DBUS_DAEMON_HUP_SLEEP_SECONDS` environment
    variable has been removed.
  - LP: #1448153 - Fix `system-image-cli --list-channels`.
* d/rules:
  - Run both the cURL and UDM based tests.
  - Run tests with more verbosity.
  - Install the archive-master keyring files to /usr/share instead of
    /etc for better FHS compliance. (LP: #1377184)
* d/control:
  - Add python3-pycurl to Build-Depends.
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6 with no other changes necessary.
  - system-image-common now depends on
    `ubuntu-download-manager | python3-pycurl` so that UDM doesn't need to
    be pulled in for snappy. (LP: #1431696)
* d/tests/control: Disable DEP-8 "smoketests" which try to access
  external resources. This is now prohibited by policy for
  pocket-promotion tests. (LP: #1457070)

36. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-09-29

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1369717 - Remove `system-image-cli --dbus` command line switch.
  - LP: #1370586 - Add a `target_build_number` key to the mapping
    returned by the `.Information()` D-Bus method.

35. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-09-17

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1353178 - The channel.ini file can override the device name by
    setting `[service]device`.
  - LP: #1324241 - Add optional instrumentation to collect code coverage
    data during test suite run via tox.
  - LP: #1279970 - When an exception occurs in a `system-image-dbus`
    D-Bus method, signal, or callback, this exception is logged in the
    standard log file, and the process exits. Also, `[system]loglevel`
    can now take an optional ":level" prefix which can be used to set
    the log level for the D-Bus API methods. By default, they log at
    `ERROR` level, but can be set lower for debugging purposes.
  - LP: #1365646 - Don't crash when releasing an unacquired checking lock.
  - LP: #1365761 - When checking files for `last_update_date()` ignore
    PermissionErrors and just keep checking the fall backs.
  - LP: #1369714 - `system-image-cli --dbus` has been deprecated and
    will be removed in the future.
* d/control: Remove tox as a build dependency to avoid having to MIR tox,
  virtualenv, and pip.
* d/rules:
  - Call nose2 explicitly to avoid use of tox.
  - Remove unnecessary override_dh_auto_clean rule.
* d/system-image-common.post{inst,rm}: `set -e` to make lintian happy.

34. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-08-01

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1349478 - When system-image-{cli,dbus} is run as non-root, use
    a fallback location for the settings.db file, if the parent
    directory isn't writable.
* d/control:
  - Bump X-Python3-Version to (Python) 3.4.
  - Update run-time dependencies so that system-image-common now depends
    on python3-dbus and python3-xdg, while -dbus and -cli only need to
    depend on system-image-common.

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced

33. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-07-23

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1207860 - Support factory resets. system-image-cli
    --factory-reset and a new D-Bus API method FactoryReset() are added.
  - LP: #1262256 - Data file checksums are passed to
    ubuntu-download-manager where available.
  - LP: #1286542 - Certain duplicate destinations are allowed, if they
    have matching source urls and checksums.
  - LP: #1301995 - When system-image-{cli,dbus} is run as non-root, use
    a fallback location for the log file if the system log file isn't
  - LP: #1251291 - system-image-cli --list-channels lists all the
    available channels, including aliases.
  - LP: #1279028 - system-image-cli --no-reboot downloads all files and
    prepares for recovery, but does not actually issue a reboot.
  - LP: #1249347 - system-image-cli --switch <channel> is a convenient
    alias for system-image-cli -b 0 -c <channel>.
  - LP: #1294273 - Added --show-settings, --get, --set, and --del
    options for viewing, changing, and setting all the internal database
  - LP: #1271684 - Improve memory usage when verifying file checksums.
    Given by Michael Vogt.
  - LP: #1274131 - In the UpdatePaused signal, return a percentage value
    that's closer to reality than hardcoding it to 0.
  - LP: #1280169 - New D-Bus API method .Information() which is like
    .Info() except that it returns extended information details, as a
    mapping of strings to strings. These details include a
    last_check_date which is the ISO 8601 timestamp of the last time an
    UpdateAvailableStatus signal was sent.
  - LP: #1339157 - Set the GSM flag in ubuntu-download-manager based on
    the current s-i download setting.
  - LP: #1340882 - The system-image-dbus(8) manpage now describes the
    full D-Bus API.
  - LP: #1273354 - Fix the D-Bus mock service so that the downloading
    flag for UpdateAvailableStatus will correctly return true when
    checking twice under manual downloads.
  - LP: #1342183 - Pay down some tech-debt.
* d/watch, d/upstream/signing-key.asc: Added Barry's GPG signing key so
  that uscan will verify the signature of the download.
* d/control: Updated Build-Depends.
* d/rules:
  - Updated, and add --buildsystem=pybuild.
  - Fix 'nocheck' test short-circuiting.
* d/tests:
  - control: Update dependencies and restrictions. The smoketest test
    should not include the system-image-dev package, for a more
    realistic simulation of the installed enviroment.
  - dryrun: New schroot-compatible limited test suite. The existing
    smoketest test requires isolation-container so isn't compatible with
  - smoketest-noreboot: Added full update test, with no reboot.
* New upstream release.

32. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-17

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1284217 - When CheckForUpdate() is called a second time, while
    an auto-download is in progress, but after the first check is
    complete, we send an UpdateAvailableStatus signal with the cached
  - LP: #1287919 - Close a race condition when manually downloading and
    issuing multiple CheckForUpdate calls.
  - LP: #1278589 - Support disabling either HTTP or HTTPS services for
    custom system image servers.
  - Allow the channel.ini file to override the [service] section.
  - LP: #1287287 - Do not do atomic renames of temporary download files;
    ubuntu-download-manager now supports this by default.
  - LP: #1250817 - Exceptions in the state machine are caught and
    logged, with an appropriate error message added to
    UpdateAvailableStatus signals. These exceptions do not percolate up
    to the GLib main loop.
  - LP: #1279532 - During testing, pass the log dir argument to
* d/rules: Add override_dh_python3 rule to set shebang line to
  /usr/bin/python3. (LP: #1283277)
* d/patches/lp1284217.patch: Removed; applied upstream.

31. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-02-25

[ St├ęphane Graber ]
* New upstream release.
* Set X-Auto-Uploader to no-rewrite-version
* Set Vcs-Bzr to the new target branch

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1279056 - Internal improvements to SignatureError for
    better debugging.
  - LP: #1277589 - Better protection against race conditions.
  - LP: #1260768 - Return empty string from ApplyUpdate D-Bus method.
  - LP: #1284217 - Send UpdateAvailableStatus during auto-downloading
    from a previous CheckForUpdate, if cached status is available.
  - Request ubuntu-download-manager to download to a temporary location,
    with atomic rename.
  - More detailed logging.
  - Fixed D-Bus error logging.
  - Added -L flag to nose2 tests for explicitly setting log file path.
    which can be used to give virtualized buildds a fighting chance.
* d/patches/01_send_ack_on_applyupdate.diff: Removed; applied upstream.
* d/patches/lp1284217.patch: Added (see above).
* d/control:
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5 with no other changes necessary.
  - Add python3-psutil as Depends to system-image-dev.
* d/rules: Set SYSTEMIMAGE_DBUS_DAEMON_HUP_SLEEP_SECONDS to 1 to deal with
  buildd dbus-daemon SIGHUP timing issues.

30. By Didier Roche on 2013-12-13

Fix ApplyUpdate() to return an empty string as per spec if the update
is successfull (LP: #1260712)

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