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77. By James Page on 2015-10-08

* New upstream release for OpenStack Liberty.
* d/control,python-swift.postinst: Tidy lintian warning messages.

76. By James Page on 2015-09-07

* New upstream release:
  - d/p/CVE-2015-1856.patch,
    Dropped, included upstream.
* Align (build-)depends with upstream, wrap-and-sort.
* d/p/pyeclib-version.patch: Specify minimum bound for pyeclib only.
* Install new swift-object-reconstructor and swift-ring-builder-analyzer

75. By Jamie Strandboge on 2015-07-30

[ Marc Deslauriers ]
* SECURITY UPDATE: object deletion via x-versions-location container
  - debian/patches/CVE-2015-1856.patch: prevent unauthorized delete in
    swift/proxy/controllers/obj.py, added tests to
  - CVE-2015-1856

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* debian/patches/x-auth-token-should-be-bytestring.patch: update for
  functional test suite
* debian/patches/fix-tempauth-acl-checks.patch: fix tempauth acl checks when
  simplejson has no speedups
* debian/patches/increase-httplib-maxheaders.patch: fix testuite and
  increase httplib._MAXHEADERS

74. By Chuck Short on 2015-02-09

* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/fixup-32bit-max-file-size.patch: Dropped no longer needed.

73. By James Page on 2015-01-12

* Systemd enablement:
  - d/*.init: Re-instate and re-write original init scripts.
  - d/*: Tidy incorrectly named init script files.

72. By James Page on 2014-12-19

[ Chuck Short ]
* Open for Vivid.
* d/control: Update branch locations.

[ James Page ]
* New upstream release:
  - d/p/*: Refresh.
* d/control: Bumped Standards-Version 3.9.6, no changes.

71. By Chuck Short on 2014-10-16

[ Corey Bryant ]
New upstream release.

70. By James Page on 2014-10-09

* Fix autopkg tests due to upstream mandatory configuration changes:
  - d/tests/swift-daemons,proxy-server.conf: Switch to using upstream
    provided sample proxy server configuration, drop test specific
  - d/*.conf: Set default bind_port values inline with upstream.

69. By James Page on 2014-10-09

* d/p/fixup-32bit-max-file-size.patch: Limit MAX_FILE_SIZE on 32bit
  architectures during testing, fixing FTBFS on i386 builders
  (LP: #1378810).
* d/p/fix-ubuntu-tests.patch: Drop, superceeded by above.

68. By James Page on 2014-10-06

* New upstream release candidate for OpenStack Juno:
  - d/p/*: Refreshed.

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