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33. By Pascal Giard on 2014-12-24

* Patches to fix memory corruptions on the heap, CVE-2014-8145
  (closes: #773720):
  + 0001-Check-for-minimum-size-sphere-headers.patch
  + 0002-More-checks-for-invalid-MS-ADPCM-blocks.patch

32. By Pascal Giard on 2014-05-21

* [debian/rules,debian/control]:
  - Build with dh-autoreconf instead of autotools-dev to fix FTBFS on new
    architectures. Thanks to William Grant <email address hidden> and Breno
    Leitao <email address hidden> (Closes: #746517).
* [debian/control]:
  - Remove useless build-dep on libav* (Closes: #748049).

31. By Pascal Giard on 2013-04-15

* [debian/rules]:
  - Added an explicit call to dh_installchangelogs as Ubuntu no longer does
    does it by default. It's important for us as it contains the list of
    past contributors.
* [debian/docs]:
  - Fixed paths to files.

30. By Pascal Giard on 2013-02-22

* [debian/libsox-fmt-base.install.in]:
  - Added all missing sndfile-derived formats. Thanks to Ulrich Klauer
    <email address hidden> for the patch (LP: #1086889).
* [debian/control]:
  - Removed duplicate section field for sox. Fixes lintian warning.
  - Added Build-Dep on autotools-dev for dh_autotools_dev.
* [debian/rules]:
  - Use dh_autotools_dev to update the outdated autotools helper files.
    Fixes lintian warning.

29. By Pascal Giard on 2013-02-11

* New upstream release.
  - Fixed misleading error message (closes: #676143).
  - Fixed early termination on Ogg Vorbis files with a non-power of two
    number of channels (closes: #672567).
* [debian/source/format]:
  - Finally switched to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format!
* [debian/rules]:
  - No longer using CDBS and depricated makefiles, fixes lintian warnings
  - Added multiarch support.
* [debian/control]:
  - Added Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser pointing to upstream VCS.
  - Added Pre-Depends on multiarch-support for libsox3, does not seem to
    required for the other packages (contradiction in the documentation?),
    fixes lintian warning "missing-pre-dependency-on-multiarch-support".
  - Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes needed.
  - Set Multi-Arch on the shared libraries where appropriate.
  - Set Section to libs for all libsox* but libsox-dev.
* [debian/patches/01_default_audio_driver_fallback.patch]:
  - Removed, fixed upstream.
* [debian/compat]:
  - Bumped to 9 to automatically use dpkg-buildflags, fixes lintian warnings
    "hardening-no-relro" and some "hardening-no-fortify-functions" (there
    are still 5 false positives on the latter though).
* [debian/watch]:
  - Updated watch file, thanks to Bart Martens <email address hidden>.
* [debian/README.source]:
  - Updated to reflect the much simplified packaging and usage of quilt.

28. By Pascal Giard on 2013-01-18

* [debian/patches/01_default_audio_driver_fallback.patch]:
  - Updated to only use try_device() on pulseaudio. Thanks to
    Ulrich Klauer <email address hidden> for the patch (closes: #676167).

27. By Pascal Giard on 2012-05-06

* [debian/patches/01_default_audio_driver_fallback.patch]:
  - Added default audio driver fallback. Thanks to Rob Sykes for the patch
    (closes: #664301).

26. By Pascal Giard on 2012-03-11

* [debian/sox.install, debian/libsox-dev.install]:
  - Removed brace expensions fixing lintian warning
* [debian/control]:
  - Added versioned dependency to format libraries, fixes upgrades in some
    use cases.
  - Added MP2 to short description of libsox-fmt-mp3.
* [debian/copyright]:
  - Long due update, thanks to Ulrich Klauer <email address hidden> for pointing
    this out.
  - libst is now libsox.
  - FFT code is no longer Audacity's GPL code.
  - Updated link to LGPL license to 2.1.

25. By Pascal Giard on 2012-03-06

* New upstream release.
  - sox_format_quit() resets format counts (closes: #660552).
  - Added support for MP2 via TwoLAME.
* [debian/patches/01_transition_to_libav.patch]:
  - Removed, fixed upstream.
* [debian/control]:
  - Use arch wildcards and added missing whitespaces (closes: #651754).
  - Changed Build-Dep on libpng-dev instead of libpng12-dev (closes: #662509).
  - Bumped libsox1b to libsox2, interface changes.
  - Added Build-Dep on libtwolame-dev and updated libsox-fmt-mp3 description.

24. By Pascal Giard on 2011-12-10

* [debian/control]:
  - Added armhf to architectures for which libsox-fmt-alsa should be built,
    thanks to Konstantinos Margaritis (closes: #645397).

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