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41. By Mattia Rizzolo on 2015-09-24

* debian/control:
  + [1fb6d0b] use the cgit fronted in Vcs-Browser
  + [0fbaafb] change to priority:extra from optional, since we depend on a
    priority:extra package
* [0f3a7ac] debian/scribus{,-data}.install: install the .desktop file in
  /usr/share/applications in the scribus binary
  Closes: #795705, LP: #1487031

40. By Steve Langasek on 2015-08-10

No-change rebuild against libhunspell-1.3-0v5

39. By Mattia Rizzolo on 2015-07-28

* [9185477] Imported Upstream version 1.4.5+dfsg1.
  + This removes several non-dfsg files.
* [38cb2ce,bf61884] debian/rules: properly exclude the plugins from
  dh_fixperms. Thanks to Philip Muskovac for the idea.
* [c370e55] debian/copyright: exclude some non-free files from the packaging.
* Upload to unstable.

38. By Mattia Rizzolo on 2014-10-20

* [a780c7d] Use /usr/share/hyphen to provide hyphenator dicts:
  + debian/control:
    - promote hyphen-hyphenation-patterns from suggests to recommends.
  + debian/patches/762942:
    - allow the use of symlinks in the directory used to pick up dicts.
  + debian/scribus.links:
    - link usr/share/hyphen → usr/share/scribus/dicts.
  + Closes: #762942
* [3590799] debian/control: bump standards-version to 3.9.6.
* [7b37ea0] debian/rules: use gzip -n to allow reproducibily building.

37. By Mattia Rizzolo on 2014-08-25

* [54f1b99] Imported Upstream version 1.4.4+dfsg1. (Closes: #747814)
   + Now scribus compiles fine with clang (Closes: #753277).
   + Repacked to remove resources/dicts (Closes: #410079).
     - [41385a7] debian/{copyright,README.source}: update accordingly.
     - [a2a847a] debian/patches/remove_non-free_file.patch: update.
     - indirectly closes: #533081.
     - maybe they are really dfsg-compliant, but given that their licenses
       are unclear, and that we are not using them, let's remove them.
* [e2c4c28] update upstream information:
  + debian/copyright:
    - update years.
    - add Files-Excluded field.
  + debian/README.source:
    - rewrite and update it.
* debian/control:
  + [5a38dbf] remove build-dep on gcc, unversion the build-dep on libqt4-dev
    (4.6 is in oldstable now).
  + [8f58a88] suggest hyphen-hyphenation-patterns.
* debian/rules:
  + [7ec2bac] remove a now pointless configure switch.
  + [8279630] enable parallel building.
  + [898e7c2] enable LFS.
* [21cede5] debian/patches/* refresh entire patchset:
  + [63f3980] spelling-error-in-binary_*: add to fix homonymous lintian tag.
  + [4d8ab12] qreal_double.patch: update header.
* [ac8bb35] debian/control: suggest scribus-doc (non-free).
* [0618e96] debian/scribus.links: add to symlink
  usr/share/doc/scribus/{copyright → COPYING} (used in the scribus interface,
  in the about window).

36. By Mattia Rizzolo on 2014-07-23

* [cee3e4f] switch to dh9:
  + debian/compat: bump 7 -> 9.
  + debian/rules: greatly simplify.
  + debian/control: bump Build-Depend on debhelper to 9.0.
  + debian/install: add a file, previusly installed via rules.
  + debian/docs: list here some docs, instead of using rules.
  + debian/pycompat: drop, not needed anymore.
  + debian/scribus.lintian: rename to debian/scribus.lintian-overrides
  + debian/dirs: remove all now useless dirs.
  + this fixes a lot of hardening-no-relro lintian warnings.
* [37e5355] debian/watch: change pgp check from .sig to .asc.
* debian/control:
  + [44fa951] do wrap-and-sort maintenance
  + [adf01fc] suggest texlive-latex-recommended and cite it in the
    description (Closes: #732694) (LP: #915388)
  + [a0354de] recommend ttf-bitstream-vera, which is used in a template
  + [e2a0e53] recommend fonts-liberation, which is used in templates
* debian/rules:
  + [52415e9] enable full hardening.
  + [af2f904] remove references to proprietary fonts and use free fonts in
    templates. (Thanks to Trent W. Buck <email address hidden> for the patch)
    (Closes: #742003)

35. By Mattia Rizzolo on 2014-07-03

* Remove scribus/profiles/GenericCMYK.icm:
  + [1dd1b23] Repack to remove the non-free profile.
  + [e32bfb4] debian/README.source: update according to the last repack.
  + [a674ee9] debian/patches/profiles_cmakelists.patch: update to reflect
    the last repack.
* debian/control:
  + [aba660c] bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5 (no changes needed).
  + [8311a60] fix vcs-field-not-canonical lintian tag.
  + [5197746] fix homepage-in-binary-package lintian tag.
  + [a864b9d] build-depend on libtiff-dev rather than libtiff4-dev (Closes:
  + [40b8286] drop hard depends on python.
  + [ded9f31] version the build-dep for python-all-dev (to call dh_python2).
  + [28aed8c] add myself to the Uploaders.
  + [c3ab5a9] recommend icc-profiles-free
* [bb004c8] debian/copyright:
  + fix unversioned-copyright-format-uri lintian tag.
  + fix syntax-error-in-dep5-copyright lintian tag.
  + add myself to copyrights holder of debian/*.
  + update years.
* [b4b6d64] debian/patches/{profiles,scribus}_cmakelists.patch:
  + fix quilt-patch-missing-description lintian tags.
* [9ca8d7f] debian/watch, debian/upstream/signing-key.asc:
  + update: add some more heuristics to dversionmangle.
  + add gpg check (fix debian-watch-may-check-gpg-signature lintian tag).
* debian/rules:
  + [21f679d] fix duplicate-changelog-files lintian tag.
  + [a03f68a] add a call to dh_python2 to proper version the dependence on
  + [c3ef0e7] fix package-contains-empty-directory lintian tag.
  + [0a4d00b] make the build verbose.
* [ed3c167] debian/patch/hyphen-used-as-minus-sign.patch:
  + add to fix the homonymous lintian tag.
* [206a0ed] debian/NEWS: fix debian-news-entry-uses-asterisk lintian tag.

34. By Mattia Rizzolo on 2014-06-13

* Merge from Debian unstable. (LP: #1329662) Remaining changes:
  + Build-depend on libtiff-dev rather than libtiff4-dev.
  + Recommend icc-profiles-free.
  + Add call to dh_python2 in debian/rules, version build-dep for
    python-all-dev, and remove hard coded python dependency. This is to
    generate the proper python:Depends basend on the content of the scripts,
    instead of use a generic, non-versioned, python depends.

33. By Colin Watson on 2013-05-16

Avoid qreal/double type clashes on ARM.

32. By Colin Watson on 2012-09-10

* Resynchronise with Debian. Remaining changes:
  - Add call to dh_python2 in debian/rules, version build-dep for
    python-all-dev, and remove hard coded python dependency.
  - Recommend icc-profiles-free.
  - Build-depend on libtiff-dev rather than libtiff4-dev.
* Now that scribus is in universe, restore build-dependency on

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