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14. By Logan Rosen

Fix FTBFS with GCC 5.

13. By Kent Baxley

* new upstream release (LP: #1335907)
* new features:
  - [sfcb-tix:#99] Add config property enableSslCipherServerPref
  - [sfcb-tix:#101] Add config property indicationCurlUseExpect100
  - [sfcb-tix:#102] Add config property indicationCurlHonorRedirect
  - [sfcb-tix:#105] Add config property embeddedObjectEncoding
  - [sfcb-tix:#86] Support configurable SSL Diffie Hellman parameters file
  - [sfcb-tix:#87] Support configurable SSL ECDH elliptic curve name
  - [sfcb-tix:#76] Identify running SFCB processes in ps output
* bug fixes:
  - [sfcb-tix:#94] Increase sigChldWaitTime
  - [sfcb-tix:#95] Do not release pthread lock prior to stopBroker() exit
  - [sfcb-tix:#89] Gracefully handle providers doing abort()
  - [sfcb-tix:#96] Provider should close req handler on shutdown
  - [sfcb-tix:#98] sfcbmofpp segfaults if mof file ends with block comment
    without newline
  - [sfcb-tix:#100] Fix some compiler warnings & errors on newer distros
  - [sfcb-tix:#103] Unsafe usage of strncpy in providerRegister.c
  - [sfcb-tix:#61] classProviderSf.c SIGSEGV if repo is not initialized
  - [sfcb-tix:#63] Improve NamespaceProvider and ClassProvider Consistency
  - [sfcb-tix:#66] SFCB_TRACE_VAR should be more restrictive
  - [sfcb-tix:#60] fix providerMgr trace for localconnect
  - [sfcb-tix:#68] reinitialize select timeout in SSL handshake
  - [sfcb-tix:#79] sfcc cannot reconnect with sfcb if sfcb restarts
  - [sfcb-tix:#69] Fix logger for long-lived clients, was:
    "#2347 Don't spawn logger for clients"
  - [sfcb-tix:#72] Make systemddir configurable
  - [sfcb-tix:#74] providerRegister: check for and prevent buffer overflows
  - [sfcb-tix:#75] fileRepository: show which directory could not be opened
  - [sfcb-tix:#78] Missing null check in ift_getObjectPath,
    transposed debug stmts in memAlloc
  - [sfcb-tix:#78] Simplify mutex handling in instance.c
  - [sfcb-tix:#77] Fix prototype for stopBroker
  - [sfcb-tix:#80] sfcc cannot reconnect with sfcb

12. By Daniel T Chen

* Use dh-autoreconf for newer arches, resolving FTBFS.
  - Work around automake syntax;
  - Add missing lib to link.

11. By Kent Baxley

Fix one more build dep. LP: #1262338

10. By Colin Watson

Rebuild for OpenSSL 1.0.0.

9. By Guillaume BOTTEX <email address hidden>

* New upstream release
* Packaging format changed from 1.0 to 3.0 (quilt)
* Add missing man pages for getSchema and genSslCert
* Add missing binary sfcbinst2mof
* flex and unzip added as dependencies, because needed at build time by

8. By Thierry Carrez

* debian/rules, debian/control: Enable SLP agent support
* debian/sfcb.install: Install all libs rather than relying on sfcb.links
  to create the links

7. By Thierry Carrez

* New upstream release (LP: #394235)
* debian/control: Add a version to the debhelper build dependency

6. By Thierry Carrez

* New upstream release.
* debian/rules: Removed rpath hacks, SFCB default build handles that now.
* Removed 1934753-remove-assignment.diff, now upstream.
* Refreshed patch cim-schema-location.diff

5. By Thierry Carrez

debian/sfcb.init: Use retry schedule in start-stop-daemon --stop to kill
sfcbd if it doesn't stop when nicely asked (LP: #344697)

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