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122. By Zoltan Balogh

[ Benjamin Zeller ]
Fix Bug lp:1488402 "Unify settings directories" Cleanup old scripts
Cleanup unused constants Fix CMake project execution on remote
devices (LP: #1488402)

121. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Benjamin Zeller ]
Fixes Bug lp:1488085 "Navigating in the Add Security Policies window
is broken with keyboard" Fixes Bug lp:1489344 "Install on device is
broken" Fixes Bug lp:1489567 "Ubuntu gallery can not be openend"
Catch "permission denied" error if opening syslog is not allowed Fix
Bug lp:1480771 "Wrong directory used for translation" Fix Bug
lp:1443351 ".desktop file is not translated for qmake based
projects" Fix Bug lp:1479581 "Debug helper is disabled by default"
Fix Bug lp:1481325 "fix i18n integration in qmake template" (LP:
#1489344, #1480771, #1481325, #1488085, #1443351, #1479581,

120. By Timo Jyrinki

No-change rebuild against final Qt Creator 3.5.0.

119. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Timo Jyrinki ]
Remove unneeded Qt Script and Qt Quick 1 (LP: #1485539) (LP:

118. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Benjamin Zeller ]
* Removed modes depending on deprected QtWebKit mode, also most of
  them were not really useful lp:1457473 Fix Bug lp:1462312 "The
  plugin doesn't remember Run Configuration settings at all" Refactor
  ubuntu-sdk plugin to compile against the QtC upstream master branch
  (LP: #1462312, #1457473, #1450773, #1461037)

[ CI Train Bot ]
* New rebuild forced.

117. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Fix html5 application launch for 15.04 & policy 1.3 (LP: #1471383)

[ Benjamin Zeller ]
* Add settings page for project configuration default values
* Remove QtScript dependency from the manifest.json parser Fix Bug
  lp:1461026 "Kits creation for a project should match targeted
  framework" Fix Bug lp:1461014 "Match application name to click
  package name" Fix Bug lp:1461019 "Default in project creation dialog
  should be a qmake project" Fix Bug lp:1340061: "Some dialogs have
  unreadable (too small) text" (LP: #1461026, #1461019, #1340061,

116. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Benjamin Zeller ]
* Fix Bug lp:1362028 "SDK not able to provide further hint about
  missing apparmor policy" (LP: #1362028)
* Fix Bug lp:1455566 "ubuntu sdk references obsolete system-image
  channel names" (LP: #1455566)
* Fix bug lp:1456627 "Almost unusuable while non-Ubuntu device
  connected through adb" (LP: #1456627)

[ Marcus Tomlinson ]
* Split scope template into "14.10" and "Current" variations (LP:

[ Nicholas Skaggs ]
* Update qml based templates to best practicies

[ Niklas Wenzel ]
* Allow parallel builds using "dpkg-buildpackage -jN", reducing build
  time on multi-core CPUs (LP: #1465018)
* Fix building translations (LP: #1257313)

[ nskaggs ]
* Update qml based templates to best practicies

115. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Marcus Tomlinson ]
* Refactored the scope templates to be more simplistic and
  comprehensible: Reduced directory structure to as few folders as
  possible Renamed scope ini file to <scope-name>.ini Added a <scope-
  name>-settings.ini Cleaned out unnecessary complexities from source
  and CMake files More descriptive comments and variable names Updated
  tests to use python3-scope-harness Removed cmake/ modules folder
  (SDK now includes cmake-extras) Allow scope template to build with
  gcc > 4.9 Added "Keywords" key to scope ini

[ Zoltán Balogh ]
* Add cmake-extras
* add python3-scope-harness to dependencies

114. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Benjamin Zeller ]
Fix lp:1357237 "Inconsistent QML main files" Fix lp:1280631 "SDK
should have same restrictions on version number" Fix lp:1450481
"Default password not displayed in emulator creation wizard" (LP:
#1450481, #1357237, #1280631)

113. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Add autopilot and unit tests templates for HTML5 simple application

[ Benjamin Zeller ]
* Fix Bug lp:1402484 "A typo in the scope template readme file" Fix
  bug lp:1427138 and lp:1404672, add schroot to the deps Fix Bug
  lp:1450477 "Typo in initial startup wizard" (LP: #1404672, #1427138,
  #1402484, #1450477)
* Remove either unused or dangerous functions and scripts. (LP:
  #1324008, #1366785, #1388655)
* Show Desktop Kit in chroot setup page ( lp:1366934 lp:1369828) Fix
  Bug lp:1400842 "devices panel: text says refresh but button is
  redetect" (LP: #1400842, #1369828, #1366934)

[ CI Train Bot ]
* New rebuild forced.

[ Zoltán Balogh ]
* Set the title of the tamplate apps to the app name. Fixes LP:
  #1365309 (LP: #1365309)
* removed obsolate patch
* removed obsolate patch removed: debian/patches/
  debian/patches/series debian/patches/u-d-f_syntax.diff

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