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69. By Adam Conrad on 2015-06-14

No-change rebuild for the libnettle6 transition.

68. By Ryan Tandy on 2015-05-25

* Merge from Debian testing (LP: #1395098, LP: #1316124). Remaining changes:
  - Enable AppArmor support:
    - d/apparmor-profile: add AppArmor profile
    - d/rules: use dh_apparmor
    - d/control: Build-Depends on dh-apparmor
    - d/slapd.README.Debian: add note about AppArmor
  - Enable GSSAPI support:
    - d/patches/gssapi.diff, thanks to Jerry Carter (Likewise):
      - Add --with-gssapi support
      - Make guess_service_principal() more robust when determining
    - d/configure.options: Configure with --with-gssapi
    - d/control: Added heimdal-dev as a build depend
  - Enable ufw support:
    - d/control: suggest ufw.
    - d/rules: install ufw profile.
    - d/slapd.ufw.profile: add ufw profile.
  - Enable nss overlay:
    - d/{patches/nssov-build,rules}: Apply, build and package the
      nss overlay.
  - d/{rules,slapd.py}: Add apport hook.
  - d/slapd.init.ldif: don't set olcRootDN since it's not defined in
    either the default DIT nor via an Authn mapping.
  - d/slapd.scripts-common:
    - add slapcat_opts to local variables.
    - Remove unused variable new_conf.
    - Fix backup directory naming for multiple reconfiguration.
  - d/{slapd.default,slapd.README.Debian}: use the new configuration style.
  - d/rules: Enable -DLDAP_CONNECTIONLESS to build CLDAP (UDP) support
    in the openldap library, as required by Likewise-Open
  - Show distribution in version:
    - d/control: added lsb-release
    - d/patches/fix-ldap-distribution.patch: show distribution in version
* Drop patches included upstream:
  - d/patches/0001-ITS-7430-GnuTLS-Avoid-use-of-deprecated-function.patch
  - d/patches/bdb-deadlock.patch
  - d/patches/its-7354-fix-delta-sync-mmr.diff
* Drop hardening-wrapper as Debian now sets PIE and bindnow flags.
* debian/patches/nssov-build: Adjust for upstream changes.
* debian/apparmor-profile:
  - Change 'r' to 'rw' for ldapi and nslcd sockets, required for apparmor
    kernel ABI v7 (utopic and later). (LP: #1392018)
  - Reduce permissions on /run/nslcd to just the nslcd socket.
* Enable the mdb backend again on ppc64el, fixed upstream in ITS#7713.
  (LP: #1293250)

67. By Matthias Klose on 2015-03-06

Fix cpp calls for GCC 5.

66. By Jamie Strandboge on 2014-09-02

* debian/apparmor-profile:
  - allow p11-kit abstraction
  - allow read of /etc/gss/mech.d/*

65. By Colin Watson on 2014-08-21

Rebuild for Perl 5.20.0.

64. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2014-08-08

* Cherry-pick upstream patch for compat with recent GNUTLS.
* Build-depend on libgnutls28-dev.
* Build-depend on libgcrypt20-dev.

63. By Adam Conrad on 2014-03-17

Bump database_format_changed value to 2.4.31-1+nmu2ubuntu5 for db5.3.

62. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2014-03-17

Disable mdb backend on ppc64el due to test-suite failures.

61. By Pierre Fersing <email address hidden> on 2014-03-04

* Fix segfault issue with master-master syncrepl (LP: #1287730):
  - d/patches/its-7354-fix-delta-sync-mmr.diff: Cherry picked
    patch from upstream VCS.

60. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2013-11-04

Build-depend on libdb5.3-dev, instead of libdb5.1-dev.

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