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8. By Logan Rosen on 2015-10-21

Build-depend on pkg-config to fix FTBFS.

7. By Ludovico Cavedon on 2014-10-26

* Fix FTBFS due to coffee invocation (Closes: #790091).
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.6.
* Use ntopng configuration file /etc/ntopng.conf instead of

6. By Andreas Metzler <email address hidden> on 2014-10-11

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Drop unused build-depends on libgnutls-dev. Closes: #764105

5. By Ludovico Cavedon on 2014-09-09

* Imported Upstream version 1.2.1+dfsg1 (Closes: #760990, CVE-2014-5464,
  CVE-2014-5511, CVE-2014-5512, CVE-2014-5513, CVE-2014-5514,
* Remove patches merged upstream: build-flags.patch, libndpi-external.patch,
  manpage.patch, no-svn.patch, path-defaults.patch, remove-libs.patch, and
* Add no-librt.patch to avoid not needed linking against librt.
* Fix typos in copyright and removed stanzas for removed files.

4. By Ludovico Cavedon on 2014-07-27

* Imported Upstream version 1.2.0+dfsg1
* Update watch rule for new upstream naming convention.
* get-roig-source: Support both +svn and ~svn in version.
* Remove external hiredis from orig tarball.
* Remove Rickshaw from orig tarball.
* Remove documentation without source from orig tarball and insert an http
* Remove corrupted unused serializeCFJSON-0.1.js from orig tarball.
  link to it in README.Debian.
* Remove nDPI from orig tarball.
* Remove all debian/missing-sources files that are now included not-minified
  by upstream. Remove build-deps on node-uglify and cleancss.
* Remove references to third-party/redis-lua (removed upstream).
* Update copyright.
* Refresh patches and remove those merged upstream.
* Add external-hiredis.patch to use system libhiredis.
* Add rickshaw-keep-one.patch to remove references to additional rickshaw
* Add no-svn.patch to drop requirement on SVN.
* Add manpage.patch to fix usage of minus signs, hyphens, and dashes,
  missing space and line breaks.
* Add rickshaw.patch to use single rickshaw.{css,js} files.
* Split library removing part of build-flags.patch into remove-libs.patch.
* Rename debian-defaults.patch to path-defaults.patch and use installation
  path from configure.
* Use dh-autoreconf instead of autotools-dev.
* Add build-dep on libsqlite3-dev.
* Update build-dep on newer libndpi-dev.
* Cleanup of dh_install rules.
* Fix typo in font-awesome symlink path and remove and updates symlink links
  in ntopng-data/
* Remove executable bit to non executable files.
* Use system linjs-jquery tablesorter and form.
* Add Build-Dep on libhiredis-dev.
* Remove empty httpdocs/ssl directory.
* Add systemd support.
* Stop supporting ENABLED in /etc/default/ntopng and debian/NEWS to notify

3. By Ludovico Cavedon on 2014-07-27

Fix build-flags.patch causing FTBFS (Closes: #754502).

2. By Ludovico Cavedon on 2014-04-13

* Initial upload (Closes: #714820).
* Remove unsed files without source from orig tarball.
* Minify jquery and boostrap during build process.
* Include missing sources for minified javascript. Use system libjs-rickshaw.
* Fix lintian missing-source warnings.

1. By Ludovico Cavedon on 2014-04-13

Import upstream version 1.1+dfsg2

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