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35. By Jo Shields

* [b2c8331] Imported Upstream version (Closes: #754316)
* [d210995] Delete obsolete patches
* [1b59ae1] Clear patch fizz, via quilt refresh
* [3dd147d] Fix error in configure.in which applies for tarball builds but
  not git builds when running autoreconf
* [21c2a57] Remove Metacity references for good
* [3331661] Ensure NUnit 2.6.3 is installed
* [fd85c88] Build-depend on NuGet
* [a1ae116] Add WebKit to build dependencies, for Xwt moduleref resolution
* [9b4cf12] Since the GDB addin is integrated now, declare it in
* [6231562] Correct NUnit links
* [3d2b693] Fix NuGet addin, by copying libs locally
* [74bf9a8] Don't symlink unused Mocks NUnit assembly
* [ade52b2] Ensure IKVM.Reflection is built with default (4.5) profile

34. By Jo Shields <email address hidden>

* [5fde005] Include a non-minified version of jquery-iframe-auto-height,
  from https://github.com/house9/jquery-iframe-auto-height/tree/v1.9.0
  This file isn't even used, it's just included via an SVN external
  which pulls in an entire repository for something not related to
  this jQuery plugin. (Closes: #736741)
* Rebuild for new NUnit (Closes: #762226)

33. By Jo Shields

No-change rebuild, for servicemodel ABI bump

32. By Dmitry Shachnev

* Non-maintainer upload, with maintainer’s permission.

[ Mirco Bauer ]
* [c665d03] Added debian/gbp.conf to not rely on uploader's
  ~/.gbp.conf for a consistent debian/changelog

[ Dmitry Shachnev ]
* [a426228] Build without libmetacity support (closes: #751597).
  The current libmetacity code does not work anyway (as it relies on
  removed gconf schema), and it is not compatible with Metacity 3.x.

31. By Jo Shields

[622568c] Use OS-provided Mono.Addins, not bundled project

30. By Jo Shields

* [5dcb6e1] Fix debian/watch for new source tarball name format
* [5c68cb5] Refresh list of files removed by get-orig-source to
  reflect 4.0.12
* [96d60a0] Imported Upstream version 4.0.12+dfsg
* [b989752] Refresh debian/patches/no_appmenu to ensure it applies
* [2a4c351] Ensure every assembly in external/ is cleaned properly
* [92762f7] Add more excluded Mac-specific modulerefs
* [bc698ba] Add symlinks to NUnit assemblies (Closes: #714246)

29. By Jo Shields

* [a01b51d] Imported Upstream version 4.0+dfsg
* [fce0339] Remove obsolete patch
* [8845d36] Remove obsolete patch link_system_nunit.patch - xbuild always
  searches for system libraries to link against if we delete the bundled
* [9060006] Remove obsolete patch use_libsvn1.patch - we don't need this,
  since we can --exclude-moduleref these days when never-used libs are
  referenced in platform-specific code.
* [ec61152] Remove obsolete patch use_libapr1.patch - we don't need this,
  since we can --exclude-moduleref these days when never-used libs are
  referenced in platform-specific code.
* [182e98c] Strangely, if you have multiple versions of the same library
  installed (i.e. MVC) then the lowest numbered is used for xbuild
  assembly references, which breaks the build. Force MVC3 since that
  works (i.e. the code requires a Razor-capable MVC)
* [9596fba] Exclude a bundle of extra Mac/Windows-specific modulerefs
* [55ba361] Specifically require mono-devel 3.0+, to pull in MVC3
* [dd232c9] Reference Xamarin Studio in debian/control, so searches in
  apt-cache match this package
* [6adcafb] Remove the commented Moonlight stuff in debian/control, that
  stuff is never coming back
* [b66fae7] Fix package description for monodevelop-versioncontrol to
  mention Git.
* [4bfbce8] Specifically depend on the SGen garbage collector, since
  upstream now recommends its use with MonoDevelop
* [76fb6c7] Imported Upstream version 4.0.4+dfsg
* [f2b85f9] Refresh list of files removed by +dfsg
* [846e28a] Imported Upstream version 4.0.5+dfsg

28. By Jo Shields

* [3fd89ae] Imported Upstream version
* [379a680] Remove old patches we haven't used for ages from git.
* [d71161d] Remove correct_paths_in_monodevelop-core-addins.pc.patch.
  Upstream claim to have fixed this by moving assembly install locations.
* [15dbfb9] Fix install location for MonoDevelop.Gettext.dll.config.
* [26eb434] Fix install location for MonoDevelop.SourceEditor2.dll.config.
* [4169974] Upstream commit 53282c9 which finally reconciles the
  MonoDevelop.Gettext.dll install location with the
  monodevelop-core-addins.pc location.

27. By Jo Shields

* [fcecfe7] Fix monodevelop-core-addins.pc.in to point to actual
  installed location of assemblies.
* [26e1a07] DebSrc 3.0 does not support Quilt's -p parameter, so
  manually adjust the path in the patch file.

26. By Julian Taylor

* Team upload.
* [3b97509] fix nunit port patch.
  Needed a small logic change for the TestSuiteResult -> TestResult merge
  in 2.5
  Added a ProjectService needed by nunit's DomainManager service
  Removed some line ending fuzz
* [ad86e5e] refresh all patches
* [226a326] treat new Error TestResult as a failure to get it displayed
* [be03336] use dh $@ --with cli instead of cli.make
* [f475710] wrap-and-sort debian/
* [2635858] use dh-autoreconf

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