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26. By LStranger

* Removing conflicting BusName statement from lxdm.service (Closes: #781949).
* Changing Maintainer e-mail to Alioth based one.
* Merging upstream version 0.5.1.
* Updating Danish translation for debconf files, by Joe Dalton
  (Closes: #781342).
* Removing 27_format_security.patch - it was applied by upstream.
* Refreshing quilt patches.
* Moving desktop-base from Depends to Recommends by derivatives request.

25. By LStranger

Handle dangling symlink /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service in
postrm scrypt (fix PIUPARTS error).

24. By LStranger

* Fixing problem with lxdm.service file: no Alias setting is required
  (Closes: #770404).
* Adding lintian-overrides file for debian-watch-may-check-gpg-signature.

23. By LStranger

* Packaging for Debian (Closes: #560004, #575738).
* Removing Daniel Baumann from uploaders since he left the team. :(
* Adding myself to uploaders.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6.
* Updating watch file to support XZ tarball format and non-numeric versions.
* Correct installation similar to what is done in ArchLinux.
* Restoring patches 15-path-replace.patch and 22_ubuntu_i18n_oneiric.patch.
* Fixing compilation: adding 27_format_security.patch.
* Adding --fail-missing to dh_install parameters.
* Removing unneeded build dependencies.
* Adding missing ${shlibs:Depends} dependency.
* Fixing manpages installed: lxdm-config was missing.
* Fixing missing backslashes before minus signs in the manpage.
* Fixing duplicate update-rc.d invocation in postinstall script.
* Removing obsolete xbase-clients from dependencies.
* Fixing two mistakes in debian/copyright file.
* Adding package lxdm-dbg with debug symbols.
* Removing override_dh_test rule - it appears fixed by upstream.
* Adding "status" command handler for init script.
* Adding debian/clean file for generated data/lxdm.conf shipped in tarball.

22. By Dimitri John Ledkov

No change rebuild against upstart-job dependency removal.

21. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/20_disable_resize_grip.patch:
  - drop that patch to disable resize grip, that was needed because of
    Ubuntu had a backport of a gtk3 feature but it has been decided to
    drop that distro specific change before the lts (lp: #944275)

20. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/patches/90_fix_event_check.patch:
 - From upstream, fix event check which causes 100% CPU activity.
   LP: #901407

19. By Julien Lavergne

debian/lxdm.upstart: Update start on, with current upstart events.

18. By Julien Lavergne

[ Gunnar Hjalmarsson ]
* debian/patches/22_ubuntu_i18n_oneiric.patch:
  - Source /etc/profile and ~/.profile (LP: #857326).
  - If the session language is set from the greeter, override
    language related variables that are set by sourcing ~/.profile.
  - Possible "Language" value in ~/.dmrc not applicable in Oneiric,
    so do not use it (LP: #843380).
* debian/lxdm.upstart:
  - Export LC_MESSAGES to ensure correct display language on the
    login screen (LP: #857326).

17. By Julien Lavergne

debian/lxdm.upstart: when lxdm is shut down by a runlevel call, emit an
upstart event that can be caught by plymouth so it can distinguish
between the DM shutting down for a runlevel change vs. other causes.
Thanks Steve Langasek for the fix. LP: #854329.

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