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53. By Robie Basak on 2015-10-21

* Fix fake-future dep8 tests:
  - Correct the date format string so it uses months as intended
    instead of generating invalid dates. Thanks to Colin Watson.
  - Fix /etc/os-release generation when the faked release is an LTS:
    VERSION_ID should not contain "LTS".

52. By James Page on 2015-10-19

* Updates to support MIR in Ubuntu:
  - d/control: Add BD's on go.crypto, go.net, juju-loggo,
    github-bmizerany-pat and go-dbus golang-*-dev packages.
  - d/rules: Tweak GOPATH configuration and link in any shared go
    dependencies from /usr/share/gocode to ensure that distribution
    -dev packages are preferred over embedded copies in juju source.
  - d/control,rules: Add BD on dh-golang, enable Built-Using field to
    ensure -dev dependencies can be tracked effectively.

51. By Curtis Hovey on 2015-09-22

* New upstream release (LP: #1481556).
* d/copyright updated for Juju 1.24.6 (Last verified commit changes).
* d/tests/* Run tests with upstart when Juju version before 1.23.
* Prefer gccgo-5 for ppc64el and arm64 in build-deps.

50. By Curtis Hovey on 2015-06-25

* New upstream bugfix release.
* d/copyright updated for Juju 1.22.6 (Last verified commit changes).

49. By Curtis Hovey on 2015-06-15

Add distro-info to build-depends because juju's list of series can
be stale.

48. By Curtis Hovey on 2015-06-05

* New upstream bugfix release (Lp: #1462001).
* d/copyright: Updated to reflect changes in the codebase.

47. By Oleg Strikov on 2015-04-14

* New upstream bugfix release (LP: #1444037).
* Autopkgtests were changed to switch back to upstart before running their
  workload. This is needed because juju < 1.23 doesn't support systemd.
* d/patches/fix-detect-new-release.patch: Removed because applied upstream.
* d/copyright: Updated to reflect changes in the codebase.

46. By Oleg Strikov on 2015-03-26

* New upstream release (LP: #1416051).
* d/patches/fix-detect-new-release.patch: Added upstream patch to redeem
  the ability to handle future Ubuntu releases (LP: #1427879, #1434092).
* d/tests/fake-future.sh: New ability to generate fake /etc/os-release.
* d/copyright: Updated to reflect changes in the codebase.
* d/control:
  - Change build dependency from gccgo to gccgo-go.
  - Use either cloud-image-utils or cloud-utils as dependency for juju-local
    because cloud-image-utils is not available on precise.
  - Compliance to Debian Policy 3.9.6 was declared.

45. By Matthias Klose on 2015-03-07

Drop the build dependencies on gccgo-go and libgo5, build-depend on
gccgo instead.

44. By Robie Basak on 2015-01-08

d/control: add cloud-image-utils dependency to juju-local. Since
lxc-templates only recommends it, it must be declared as a
dependency for its use in the ubuntu-cloud template that Juju uses.

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