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13. By Rogério Theodoro de Brito on 2013-10-24

* debian/control: Remove DMUA flag.
* debian/rules: Override rules for which we don't have makefiles.
  (Closes: #724195)
* debian/patches:
  + Change the headers to be friendlier with gbp pq.
  + Remove unreferenced patches in series file.
  + Coalesce all patches touching man pages into one.
  + Regenerate everything from patch-queue branch.

12. By Rogério Theodoro de Brito on 2012-03-12

* debian/compat:
  + Set to 9 to gain the hardening flags for compilation.
* debian/control:
  + Simple run of `wrap-and-sort -sav` for legibility.
  + Update Standards-Version to 3.9.3, with no further changes.
  + B-D on debhelper >= 9 and drop versioned B-D on dpkg-dev.
* debian/rules:
  + First steps toward making the build rules saner with dh.
  + Change from `dh_clean -k` to `dh_prep`.
  + Make declarative use of `dh_auto_clean`.
* debian/patches:
  + Add patch from Matthew Garrett to fix UUID creation. Thanks to
    Matthew Garrett for the patch and Lars Noodén for reporting.

11. By Colin Watson on 2011-05-17

Rebuild for OpenSSL 1.0.0.

10. By Rogério Theodoro de Brito on 2010-11-25

* debian/patches/80-remove_see-also_from_manpage.patch:
  + Fix spelling in fsck.hfsplus's manpage. Closes: #575201.
    Thanks Lionel Elie Mamane <email address hidden>.
  + Fix manpages not reflecting the situation of Linux/Debian systems.
    Closes: #598714. Thanks Christoph Hellwig <email address hidden>.
* debian/patches:
  + Move 80-remove_see-also_from_manpage.patch to 80-fix_manpages.patch.
  + Integrate 90-fix_manpage_typos.patch into 80-fix_manpages.patch.
  + Update series.
* debian/control:
  + Update Standards-Version to 3.9.1, with no further changes.

9. By Rogério Theodoro de Brito on 2010-01-31

* Use a FTBFS bug revealed by the kfreebsd-* ports.
  This was reported by Cyril Brulebois, and patched by: Petr Salinger.
  Closes: #566916
* Remove b-dep on kfreebsd-kernel-headers, as it is build-essential.

8. By Rogério Theodoro de Brito on 2009-11-17

* incorporate Goswin von Brederlow's patch.
  + eliminate the need to use -m32 in 64-bit arches.
  + eliminate the need for the gcc-multilib hack.
  + can compile on every arch out there.
  + upstream's code could be cleaner.
  + Closes: #436159.
* optimize for size again
* avoid duplication of code (strlcpy):
  + linking against libbsd.
  + kill custom workaround of strlcpy. Closes: #556596.

7. By Rogério Theodoro de Brito on 2009-10-25

* fix spelling in manpages, thanks to A. Costa. (Closes: #547425).
* include a README.source file as per policy.
* include a watch file to track upstream versions.
* upgrade Standards-Version 3.8.3. No changes needed.

6. By Rogério Theodoro de Brito on 2009-08-02

* debian/control:
  + try to support for multiarch. Tks Petr Salinger. (Closes: #537378)
  + include support for kfreebsd-amd64.
  + upgrade to Standards version 3.8.2. No changes needed.
* debian/copyright:
  + update my copyright.
* debian/{dirs,lintian.override,rules}:
  + remove unused parts and installation.
* debian/rules:
  + remove commented lines.
  + clean up a little.
  + document the compilation of kfreebsd-amd64 and amd64 with 32 bit

5. By Rogério Theodoro de Brito on 2009-03-03

debian/patches/*: include description (lintian).

4. By Rogério Theodoro de Brito on 2008-10-07

* debian/patches: break-up the Gentoo patch into smaller patches.
* debian/patches: reorder the patches.
* debian/patches: refresh the patches.
* debian/patches: remove mention of pdisk (Closes: #482868) (LP: #234749).
* debian/control: include Homepage field.
* debian/control: update Standards-Version to 3.8.0. No changes required.
* debian/control: include DM-Upload-Allowed, as I am a DM now.
* debian/control: remove statement about using journals (LP: #164151).
* debian/rules: add -Wextra compilation flag.
* debian/rules: use quilt.make and remove home-brew solution.
* debian/watch: create watch file (lintian warning).

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