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171. By Till Kamppeter

debian/rules: Demote texlive-lang-cjk from Recommends: to Suggests:
as it pulls in a large amount of unneeded packages (LP: #1449875).

170. By Till Kamppeter

debian/rules: Recommend texlive-lang-cjk as some files make
Ghostscript fail (LP: #1449875).

169. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release
   - Ghostscript 9.16
   - "LockColorants" command line option for tiffsep and psdcmyk
     devices. Specifying -dLockColorants will restrict those devices to
     only the colorants list on the command line (thus: -c "<<
     /SeparationColorNames [ /Cyan /Magenta /Yellow /Black /Violet
     /Orange] /SeparationOrder [ /Cyan /Magenta /Yellow /Black /Violet
     /Orange]>> setpagedevice"), rather than allowing the devices to
     add new colorants as encountered in the input. This is, obviously,
     preferable for real printers, where only a certain of inks will be
   - Improved high level devices handling of Forms. Whilst High level
     devices (eg pdfwrite) already checked Forms to see if they are
     duplicates, and if so use the initial definition. However, this
     does not improve performance, since the Form PaintProc still needs
     to be executed for each instance of the Form, and the matching
     algorithm could, in very odd circumstances, be defeated. The new
     implementation benefits both causes, meaning the second and
     subsequent invocation of the form need not re-run the PaintProc,
     and removes the heurisic aspect of the reuse detection.
   - New URW+ fonts in which the families NimbusMono, NimbusRoman and
     NimbusSans have been augmented with production quality Greek and
     Cyrillic glyphs. These correspond to our substitutes for the PDF
     base 14 fonts.
   - Plus the usual round of bug fixes, compatibility changes, and
     incremental improvements.
* 020150413_3e71154_pdfwrite_optimise_pdf_foget_resource_with_charproc_resources.patch:
  Removed, included upstream.
* 2003_support_multiarch.patch: Refreshed with quilt.
* debian/rules: Added "zlib_h=" to "make" command line to work around
  bug in build system.
* debian/symbols.common: Updated for new upstream source. Applied patch
  which dpkg-gensymbols generated for debian/libgs9.symbols to this file.

168. By Till Kamppeter

Added a sanity check for memory allocation, to avoid an integer overflow
(Upstream bug #696070, CVE 2015-3228).

167. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/1003_gdevcups-fix-cupsrasteropen-pwg-raster.patch:
  Removed, not needed any more.
* debian/patches/020150523_d73a342_gdevcups_support_color_spaces_18_19_20.patch:
  "cups"/"pwgraster" output devices: Added support for color spaces
  18 (SGray), 19 (SRGB), and 20 (Adobe RGB).

166. By Till Kamppeter

Fixed a long delay caused when Ghostscript converts PostScript files to PDF
where the PostScript comes from evince when printing a displayed DjVu file
(LP: #525161, Upstream bug #695778).

165. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release
   - Ghostscript 9.15
   - Ghostscript now supports the PDF security handler revision 6.
   - The pdfwrite and ps2write (and related) devices can now be forced to
     "flatten" glyphs into "basic" marking operations (rather than writing
     fonts to the output), by giving the -dNoOutputFonts command line option
     (defaults to "false")
   - PostScript programs can now use get_params or get_param to determine if
     a page contains color markings by reading the pageneutralcolor state
     from the device (so whether the page is "color" or "mono").
   - Note that this is only accurate when in clist mode, so -dMaxBitmap=0 and
     -dGrayDetection=true should both be used.
   - The pdfwrite device now supports Link annotations with GoTo and GoToR
   - The pdfwrite device now supports BMC/BDC/EMC pdfmarks
   - Regarding the new color management for the pdfwrite device introduced in
     the previous release, the proscription on using the new color management
     when producing PDF/A-1 compliant files is now lifted.
   - To reiterate, also, with the new color management implementation, using
     the UseCIEColor option is strongly discouraged.
   - For further information on the new pdfwrite color management, see: Color
     Conversion and Management
   - Plus the usual round of bug fixes, compatibility changes, and
     incremental improvements.
* debian/patches/020140324-b780ff0-protection-against-pxl-segfault-with-image-data-without-colorspace-info.patch,
  Removed patches backported from upstream.
* debian/patches/1003_gdevcups-fix-cupsrasteropen-pwg-raster.patch: Fix was
  included upstream, but not correctly. Reduced the patch to what corrects
  the fix.
* debian/patches/1002_pxl-make-dicctransform-default.patch: Refreshed with
* debian/symbols.common: Updated for new upstream source. Applied patch
  which dpkg-gensymbols generated for debian/libgs9.symbols to this file.

164. By Jonas Smedegaard <email address hidden>

[ upstream ]
* New release 9.07.
  + Licensing changed to GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).
  + Ghostscript now has the option to be built as thread safe.
  + The pdfwrite devices now supports linearized (or optimized for
    fast web view) output directly.
  + Supports Postscript string and array objects with >64k entries.
  + Supports file sizes >4Gb - in particular reading and writing PDF
    files, and as side effect supports 64 bit Postscript integer
  + All CMYK devices supports simulated overprint of spot colors.
  + Support for use of DeviceN ICC color profiles as the output
    profile with the tiffsep and psdcmyk devices.
  + Support for customized named color handling with DeviceN colors.
  + Support for black point compensation.
  + Support for K preservation in CMYK to CMYK conversions.
  + Support for DeviceLink profiles for graphic, image and text
  + Support for custom color replacement.
  + Increased control in specifying color conversions as a function of
    object type.
  + Provide BigTIFF output option, when linked against recent libtiff.
  + LittleCMS updated to 2.4 [Debian instead links to shared lib].
    Closes: bug#531624. Thanks to Moritz Muehlenhoff and Bastien
* New releases 9.09 and 9.10.
  + New Background printing (BGPrint) feature to speedup processing of
    certain classes of files.
  + New GrayDetection feature to detect and convert nearly-grey color
    input to grayscale for some drivers.
  + Misc. improvements for Windows environments.
  + Updated URW Postscript font set, fixing compatibility problems
    with the Adobe fonts [Debian uses separately packaged fonts].
* New release 9.14.
  + pdfwrite now uses same color management as for rendering devices.
  + New device 'eps2write' to create EPS files using ps2write.
  + Support customisation of output for specific devices.
  + Reduced memory usage processing PDF with transparency to either
    display device or high level vector non-transparency devices like
    ps2write or pdfwrite when 'flattening' to PDF 1.3 or earlier.
  + New --saved-page option to spool and render in arbitrary order.
  + Improved performance by more extensive use of multiple threads.
  + New device 'pwgraster' to render for PWG Raster output.
  + CUPS device improved support for PPD-less printing.
* New release 9.15.
  + Support for PDF security handler revision 6.
  + New -dNoOutputFonts for pdfwrite and ps2write (and related).
  + New PostScript pageneutralcolor state to resolve color/grayscale.
  + pdfwrite device supports Link annotations.
  + pdfwrite device supports BMC/BDC/EMC pdfmarks.
  + New LCMS2-based color management also applies to PDF/A-1 output.

[ Jonas Smedegaard ]
* Update copyright info:
  + Extend coverage a few places to include recent years.
  + Change main license to "AGPL-3+~Artifex".
  + Update main fonts to author "(URW)++" and license
    "AGPL-3+~Artifex with font exception".
  + Extend coverage for packaging, and relicense as GPL-3+.
  + Drop Files section for documentation files not shipped since 9.05.
  + Fix include verbatim exceptions in license section (not comment).
* Update repackaging:
  + Strip convenience library trio from upstream source.
  + Strip DFSG-nonfree ETS halftone code from upstream source.
  + Strip example code lacking license.
  + Strip contributed documentation possibly lacking license.
  + Strip from repackaged upstream tarball ramfs code lacking license
    according to <http://www.ghostscript.com/irclogs/2014/05/05.html>.
  + Stop strip jasper project: not shipped since 9.07.
  + Reflect files moved from base/ to devices/.
  + Stop documenting CUPS filters dropped since 9.09.
* Drop patches 0* now included upstream.
* Add patch 2009 to not link against stripped ramfs code.
* Unfuzz all patches.
* Update package relations:
  + Build-depend on recent libopenjpeg-dev (not libjasper-dev):
    Support for JasPer has been dropped upstream.
  + Tighten build-dependency on liblcms2-dev: We need threads support.
  + Build-depend on libtrio-dev.
* Add d-shlibmove override for libtrio.
* Add news entry about licensing change to AGPL.
  Thanks to Jonathan Nieder.
* Update symbols file (208 new, 62 dropped).
* Temporarily adjust source URLs for upstream pre-release.
* Have license-check skip main HTML documentation.

163. By Brian Murray

No change rebuild to get debug symbols on all architectures.

162. By Till Kamppeter

The CUPS Raster output device generated incorrect PWG Raster output
because it called cupsRasterOpen() without the required
CUPS_RASTER_WRITE_PWG mode setting. Due to the output never being
tested with an IPP Everywhere printer but only with software which
also accepts CUPS Raster, the bug did not get discovered until testing
the output against the mime type recognition of CUPS where it failed.

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