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21. By Iain Lane on 2015-08-13

No-change rebuild against new id3lib3.8.3

20. By Jackson Doak on 2015-06-05

* Merge from debian. Remaining changes:
  - Change appdata-tools b-dep to appstream-util
  - Recommend gnome-icon-theme-full on ubuntu systems.
  - Convert upstream translations into a patch to silence debuild errors.

19. By Jackson Doak on 2015-02-14

Change appdata-tools b-dep to appstream-util

18. By Bhavani Shankar on 2014-11-15

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - Recommend gnome-icon-theme-full on ubuntu systems.
* Convert upstream translations into a patch to silence debuild errors.

17. By Bhavani Shankar on 2014-06-01

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - Recommend gnome-icon-theme-full on ubuntu.

16. By James Cowgill on 2014-03-28

Recommend gnome-icon-theme-full on ubuntu. (LP: #1295882)

15. By James Cowgill on 2014-02-28

* Team upload.

[ James Cowgill ]
* New upstream release (Closes: #560813, #500051, #518955, #727811).
* Add myself to the list of uploaders.
* Use debhelper v9.
* debian/control:
  - Build depend on desktop-file-utils and yelp-tools.
  - Recommend on gnome-icon-theme, gvfs and yelp (thanks David King)
  - Update homepage location.
  - Bump standards to 3.9.5 (no changes required).
* debian/copyright:
  - Rewritten to use DEP-5
* debian/rules:
  - Enable all hardening flags.
  - Remove unnecessary dh overrides.
* debian/patches:
  - Remove 1001-c90_style.patch, applied upstream.
  - Add patch to remove appdata from buildsystem.
    Can't use until appdata-tools is introduced into Debian.

[ Alessio Treglia ]
* Improve package description (Closes: #691687)

14. By Alessio Treglia on 2013-10-11

* Team upload.
* New upstream release (Closes: #701114):
  - Port to and require the most recent GTK+ 2 release (2.24)
  - Allow experimental compilation against GTK+ 3
  - Many memory leaks fixed
  - Remove the upstream Debian and RPM packaging
  - Do not install the ChangeLog
  - FLAC, configure, sign comparison warning and GBase64 fixes
  - New icons
  - Small fixes to allow compilation under mingw
  - Fix overlaid text in scanner legend
  - SIGCHLD handling fix
  - Move configuration files to XDG firectories
  - Configuration file, remove all text, disc number column and
    compiler warning fixes
  - Switch to TagLib for MP4 tag editing and drop libmp4v2 support
  - Fix album artist entry focus chain order
  - Remove Changes tab in about dialog
  - Tidy and internationalize the desktop file
  - Fix many spelling errors and typos
  - Several translation updates
  - Rewrite build system
  - Use intltool for internationalization
  - Drop dependency on libtool
  - Fix segfault when pressing "Apply" in "Load filenames from
    TXT" dialog,
  - Fix predefined genres displayed under legacy systems.
  - Update Polish translation
  - .desktop cleanup
  - Add a new option to trim spaces when renaming files patch
  - Make easytag compile against newest version of libmp4v2
  - File save performance improvement
  - Fix out of bound array access
  - Add Lithuanian translation
* Drop patches applied upstream:
  - desktop.patch
  - taglib.patch
  - fix_segfault_loading_tags_from_txt.patch.patch
  - fix-rm-out-of-bound.patch
* Cherry-pick patch from upstream git to prevent FTBFS due to
  mixed declarations and code in WavPack support
* Depend on intltool >= 0.50.0.
* Use dh --with foo syntax in debian/rules.
* Install NEWS and ChangeLog as upstream changelogs.
* Fix watch file.
* Update Homepage field, the project has moved to gnome.org.
* Convert VCS fields to canonical form.
* Remove obsolete DM-Upload-Allowed: yes field.
* Bump Standards.
* Set compression to xz.

13. By Maia Everett on 2012-05-10

* Merge Ubuntu changes from version 2.1.7-1ubuntu2,
  by Julian Taylor <email address hidden>:
  + debian/rules:
    - Do not fail on removing nonexistent changelog file.
  + debian/patches/fix-out-of-bound.patch:
    - Fix crash on out of bounds array access. (Closes: #669290)
* debian/control, debian/copyright:
  - Change upstream homepage back to resurrected SF site.
* debian/watch:
  - Restore old debian/watch from before 2.1.6+git (development migrated
    back to sourceforge from github).

12. By Julian Taylor on 2012-04-18

add fix-out-of-bound.patch to fix buffer overflow on search (LP: #907806)

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