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23. By Brian Murray

No change rebuild to get debug symbols on all architectures.

22. By Ryan Kavanagh

* Remove ancient unnecessary install-info dependencies.
* Fix some formatting issues with bc man page, 07_bc_man.diff
  (Closes: #725898). Thanks to Bjarni Ingi Gislason for the patch.
* Bump standards version to 3.9.5

21. By Adam Conrad

Remove ancient unnecessary install-info dependencies.

20. By Ryan Kavanagh

* Use makeinfo instead of obsoleted texi2html
* Reintroduce patch reading ~/.dcrc file at dc start, 06_read_dcrc.diff
  (Closes: #582137) (LP: #918836)
* Drop old-style 'Home page:' entries in long description
* Added a gbp.conf to use pristine-tar and to sign tags

19. By Ryan Kavanagh

* New maintainer (Closes: #705771)
* Switch to Debian source format 3.0 (quilt)
* Updated copyright file with missing licenses and holders. Now in DEP-5
* Bump standards version to 3.9.4
* Bump debhelper Build-Dependency to >= 9 and switch from old-style rules
  with manual calls to dh_* to modern style dh rules
* Bump compat level to 9
* Drop libreadline5-dev from Build-Depends, it no longer exists in unstable
* Add a doc-base file for bc
* Fix a typo in bc, 01_typo_in_bc.diff
* Fix hyphens used as minus signs in manpages,
* Fix array initialization bug, 03_array_initialize.diff (Closes: #671513,
* Revert all inline patches and introduce them as logical quilt patches
  + Set the info dircategory to Math, 04_info_dircategory.diff
  + Notice read/write errors on input and output,
* clean target now conforms to Debian Policy §4.9, "must undo any effects
  that the build target may have had [...]"
* Added Vcs-Git/Vcs-Browser entries to debian/control
* Reintroduce the missing 1.06.94-3.1 changelog entry
* Get rid of postinst/postrm files, they were unneeded

18. By Colin Watson

* QA upload.
* Make bc Multi-Arch: foreign, so that it can satisfy (build-)dependencies
  from other architectures (thanks, Sune Vuorela and Wookey; closes:
  #681784, LP: #1098408).
* Add build-arch and build-indep targets.

17. By Colin Watson

[ Wookey ]
Make help2man Multi-Arch: foreign, so that it can satisfy
cross-build-dependencies (LP: #1098408).

16. By John G. Hasler <email address hidden>

Added #!/bin/sh to scripts.
Closes: #683571: postinst and postrm are not valid scripts

15. By John G. Hasler <email address hidden>

* Applied patch from Pádraig Brady.
  Closes: #608255: bc uses uninitialized memory

* Applied patch from Paul Dwerryhouse.
  Closes: #472250: please return support for .dcrc file

* Applied patch from Ian Jackson.
  Closes: #488735: notice read and write errors on input and output

* Generated bc.html and dc.html but something is still wrong.

* Added homepage field to debian/control.

* I can't see the problem with hyphens.

* Fixed doc-base white space.

* Added watch file.

* I believe that the above changes deal with 558188.
  Closes: #558188: Changes made in 1.06.94-3.1 NMU have been lost

14. By John G. Hasler <email address hidden>

Fixed errors in debian/rules that prevented info files from
being correctly generated.

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