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182. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Albert Astals Cid ]
* Focus the shutdown dialog (LP: #1417991)
* Make url-dispatching scope activation when the dash is not on the
  main scopes (LP: #1364306)
* We use autopilot3 now

[ CI Train Bot ]
* New rebuild forced.
* Resync trunk. added: po/or.po

[ Daniel d'Andrada ]
* Make tst_PreviewListView and tst_GenericScopeView work in out-of-
  source builds
* MouseArea that shows the indicators panel should cover the
  indicators bar only (LP: #1439318)
* Surface gets active focus also with mouse clicks

[ Josh Arenson ]
* Add a mode option to unity8 for selecting greeter mode in the future
* Remove PkgConfig include from Launcher plugin to fix cross-compile
  (LP: #1437702)

[ Leo Arias ]
* Fixed the check for string in the lock screen test. (LP: #1434518)

[ Michael Terry ]
* Make sure the edge tutorial is destroyed when we receive a call
  during the wizard. (LP: #1436349)
* Skip parts of the edge tutorial that require a touch device (like
  spread and bottom edge). (LP: #1434712)

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* Don't hide stages just because they're empty (LP: #1439615)
* [Launcher] fix bug where an item would disappear even though the app
  is running (LP: #1438172)

[ Nick Dedekind ]
* Fixed autopilot test failures related to udev input failure for
  power button.
* Made improvements for laggy indicator backends (lp#1390136). (LP:

[ Pete Woods ]
* GPS only goes active when the Dash is in the foreground (LP:

[ handsome_feng<email address hidden> ]
* Modified the wrong time format in ScreenGrabber (LP: #1436006)

181. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Albert Astals Cid ]
* Fix regression making pan not possible in Zoomable Image (LP:
* Make sure m_firstVisibleIndex is correctly set after processing
  changeSet.removes (LP: #1433056)
* make pot_file

[ Daniel d'Andrada ]
* Don't show the rotating rect in "make tryFoo".

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* make pinlockscreen adjust better to larger displays

180. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Albert Astals Cid ]
* Add some context to tr calls (LP: #1431497)
* Require binaries and .pc files we call from code
* Test: More stubborn flick to the end

[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Refactor PreviewOverlay to fix weird zoom out/in animations when
  previewing images from the Previews

[ CI Train Bot ]
* Resync trunk.

[ Charles Kerr ]
* Re-enable a rotation lock test now that the bug that broke that test
  has been fixed. (LP: #1410915)

[ Daniel d'Andrada ]
* Darkened area behind indicators menu should eat input until it fully
  disappears (LP: #1417967)
* DesktopStage - fix focus switch when user taps on window (LP:
* Fix warnings when launching tutorial
* Make MouseTouchAdaptor controllable from within QML
* Make tst_Shell absorb tst_TabletShell

[ Leo Arias ]
* Changed the autopilot dependencies so they do not require qt4. (LP:
* Drop the support for python2 in autopilot tests. (LP: #1429163)
* Stop using the deprecated toolkit emulators namespace in autopilot
  tests. (LP: #1341681)

[ Michael Terry ]
* Don't close wizard & edge tutorial when the unity8-dash closes (LP:
* Don't let the wizard sit indefinitely, waiting for a wizard page to
  finish preparing itself. (LP: #1425737)
* Fix two broken qmluitest files by waiting for everything to settle
  before starting the tests.
* Only call unlockAllModems once the wizard is done. (LP: #1425161)
  (LP: #1425161)
* When we are locking the user out from too many login failures,
  notice when time passes even if the device is suspended. (LP:
  #1396817) (LP: #1396817)

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* Add a mouse area to the indicators panel so we can open them by
  clicking. (LP: #1417650)
* fix launcher not reacting to first click when revealed by mouse
  hover, add tests
* performance improvements (LP: #1430233, #1425087)

[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Remove the activity indicator from tests
* Use targets instead of custom ld arguments for linking

[ Mirco Müller ]
* Updated the visuals of the SwipeToAct-widget for incoming-call snap-
  decision notifications according to new design-spec.
* Updated the visuals of the SwipeToAct-widget for incoming-call snap-
  decision notifications according to new design-spec.

179. By Timo Jyrinki

No-change rebuild against Qt 5.4.1.

178. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Albert Astals ]
* Don't precache items that are outisde the 1.5*height buffering area
  (LP: #1410131)

[ Albert Astals Cid ]
* Don't precache items that are outisde the 1.5*height buffering area
  (LP: #1410131)

[ Chris Townsend ]
* Add a wrapper for handling the
  /org/gnome/SessionManager/EndSessionDialog DBus object used by
  indicator-session. This allows indicator-session to properly talk to
  the Unity 8 session management functions. (LP: #1392187)
* Allow for proper logout session management. This uses the
  EndSession() Upstart DBus method on the current session bus. (LP:
* Make the Unity 8 session dialogs behave in the same fashion as Unity
  7. From indicator-session: Clicking "Log Out" will now present a
  dialog to "Lock", "Log Out", or "Cancel". Clicking "Shut Down" will
  now present a dialog to "Reboot", "Shut Down", or "Cancel". (LP:

[ Daniel d'Andrada ]
* Add NO_TESTS cmake option to skip tests and therefore speed up
* Remove enums and properties that doesn't exist in the real
* Stabilize some Shell qml tests

[ Josh Arenson ]
* Create a PhysicalKeyMapper to handle all physical/hardware keys (LP:

[ Michael Terry ]
* Make the draggable part of the right edge (during the tutorial) a
  constant size, instead of having it grow and shrink as the spread
  peeks out from the side.

[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Create a PhysicalKeyMapper to handle all physical/hardware keys (LP:

[ Robert Bruce Park ]
* Launchpad automatic translations update.

177. By CI Train Bot Account

[ CI Train Bot ]
* New rebuild forced.

[ Pete Woods ]
* Only set scopes active when the screen is on (LP: #1422879)

176. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Albert Astals Cid ]
* Dash manage hint should not be visible in previews+test (LP:
* Do not declare the hostname property twice
* Fix some warnings in Mock Notifications
* Make qmluittests pass with Qt 5.4
* Preserve the aspect ratio for the card attribute images (LP:
* Update qmltypes

[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Add maximumLineCount for subtitle label in cards (LP: #1414870)

[ Michael Terry ]
* Move the gschema file to data/ and install it via cmake, not dpkg.
* Refactor the greeter code to be more compartmented and isolatable.
* Silence a couple qml warnings. (LP: #1423286)
* Wait for libqofono to finish initializing before we decide whether
  to skip the wizard's SIM page or not.

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* enable revealing the launcher by hitting the left edge using the

[ Ying-Chun Liu ]
* Add Autopilot Notification helper.

175. By CI Train Bot Account

[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Fix temp scopes opening temp scopes, correctly close previously
  opened temp scope with its preview (LP: #1410337)
* Set sourcesize for scopes images in manage dash

[ CI Train Bot ]
* Resync trunk

[ Albert Astals Cid ]
* Test for bug #1316660 (LP: #1316660)
* Hardcode tranlsation for internal.location field (LP: #1393438)
* Make sure the height it's the height it will have

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* Cleanup cmake warning about missing Qt5Sql module

174. By Timo Jyrinki

No-change rebuild against Qt 5.4.0.

173. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Michael Terry ]
* Redesign tutorial to match latest spec (just removing obsolete pages
  and redesigning look, no new pages yet)
* Add new right-edge and bottom-edge screens to the first-boot edge
  tutorial (LP: #1383297)
* Support switching the indicator profile on the fly, as the greeter
  appears and disappears. (But don't use it yet, not until the
  settings panel to control this is in place.)
* Clip the infographic to its bounding box, instead of letting it
  bleed past the welcome page (visible when dragging the welcome page
  to the side).

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* Add an AccountService based launcher model to be used with split
* Launcher fixes for windowed mode
* save and restore window size and position
* Fix resizing windows when making it smaller than minSize and then
  larger again.

[ handsome_feng<email address hidden> ]
* makes the header fully reveal when tapping the search icon. (LP:

[ Mirco Müller ]
* Allow swipe-to-dismiss for contracted snap-decision notifications,
  interactive notifications and ephemeral notifications. (LP:
  #1355422, #1334855)

[ Daniel d'Andrada ]
* Make indicators bar eat all events
* Improve Launcher tests, making them more reliable
* Tapping on a surface gives it active focus

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