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273. By Till Kamppeter

debian-control: Added udev to the build dependencies to have the
/lib/udev directory in the system so that "make install" installs
the UDEV stuff.

272. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream bug fix release
   o GIT 1.5.x snapshot from 18 March 2015
   o Consider version suffices in PPD Nickname for Canon drivers.
   o Refresh job-printer-uri when updating job, to fix job auth.
   o Traceback fix (Red Hat bug #1171469).
   o Handle non-UTF8 PPD files (LP: #1400232).
   o Fixed typo preventing retrieve/reprint from working.
   o Handle missing 'licensetext'/'functionality' fields for
     downloadable drivers.
   o Parse serial device URIs correctly (Red Hat bug #1186475).
   o Fixed callback race (Red Hat bug #1176443).
   o Don't try decoding already-decoded Unicode (Red Hat bug #1195974).
   o Fixed display of downloadable drivers (Red Hat bug #1167978).
   o Fixes for CMD matching (Red Hat bug #1167978, Red Hat bug #1171874).
   o Fixed artifacts when compositing emblems (Red Hat bug #1200375).
   o Don't show traceback messages for missing probe helpers (Red Hat bug
   o Don't try writing bytecache when running udev-add-printer
     (Red Hat bug #1196183).
   o Fixed 'Apply' sensitivity when downloading driver (trac #238).
   o Avoid deprecated things.
   o Some fixes for the New Printer dialog.
   o Don't install an OpenPrinting driver if the license is not
     accepted (trac #240).
* debian/patches/35_install-printerdriver-ignore-refresh-cache-failure.patch:
  Removed, included upstream.
* debian/system-config-printer-common.install: Added new file killtimer.py.

271. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.5.x snapshot from 11 February 2015
   o No longer requires gnome-icon-theme (Red Hat bug #1163928).
   o Fixed race condition when fetching devices (Red Hat bug #1176443).
   o Fixed typo preventing retrieve/reprint from working.
   o Driver installation fixes.
   o Various other fixes.
* debian/patches/35_fix-driver-package-installation-with-install-printerdriver.patch,
  debian/patches/40_support-licensetext-in-separate-url.patch: Removed,
  included upstream.
* debian/patches/35_install-printerdriver-ignore-refresh-cache-failure.patch:
  Let the install-printerdriver helper script ignore errors of the cache
  refreshing step. In most cases the newly added repository gets loaded
  but the error is caused by another repository.

270. By Iain Lane

Switch gnome-icon-theme to adwaita-icon-theme, which is its
successor. (LP: #1414613)

269. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/35_fix-driver-package-installation-with-install-printerdriver.patch:
  Simplified communication between system-config-printer and
  install-printerdriver helper script (LP: #1412722).
* debian/patches/37_do-not-crash-on-licensetext-being-none.patch: Crash
  guard for displaying OpenPrinting driver record where the licensetext
  field is None (LP: #1412729).
* debian/patches/40_support-licensetext-in-separate-url.patch: Added support
  for OpenPrinting driver records with license text linked from separate
  download URL (LP: #1412729).

268. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.5.x snapshot from 12 December 2014
   o Fixed all problems which prevented the automatic download of printer
     driver packages (LP: #1401835).
   o Handle non-UTF8 PPD files (LP: #1400232).
   o Use 'with' when dealing with temporary files.
   o troubleshoot: get logs from cups.service, not just cupsd
   o Avoid traceback (Red Hat bug #1171469).
   o Fixed 'Search' button icon.
   o Debug output showing DBus exception message.
   o Fixed display of downloadable drivers (Red Hat bug #1167978).
   o Prevent backtrace (Red Hat bug #1167978).
   o Refresh job-printer-uri in update_job
   o Consider version suffixes in Nickname for PPDs from Canon drivers
     (fedorahosted.org bug #235).
   o Extract hostname from hp:/net/...?hostname= URIs when grouping by
     physical device (Red Hat bug #1154686).
   o Codec fix for AuthDialog.get_auth_info (Red Hat bug #1060453).
   o Catch IPPError when writing server settings (Red Hat bug #1159584).
   o OpenPrintingRequest lock handling fixes
   o Never set SMB Verify button sensitive without checking pysmb is
   o PackageKit-based installation of smb backend on demand is now fixed
   o Ubuntu fix for on demand installation of libsane-hpaio
   o HP MFP devices that cannot scan are now properly detected
   o ppdcache: handle errors more gracefully
   o Don't try to remove gobject sources that are already removed
   o A Python 3 fix when dealing with HPLIP fax devices
   o Fixed physical device grouping by using the cupshelpers.ppds
     'normalize' function for comparisons
   o Cancel deferred timer on quit (possible fix for Red Hat bug #1145388)
   o Don't use deprecated GTK+ widgets and properties
   o React to button-press-event for Move To submenu in jobviewer
     (LP: #1388601)
* debian/patches/35_package-download-fixes.patch: Removed, included upstream.

267. By Till Kamppeter

debian/local/70-printers.rules: Fixed UDEV rules so that UDEV supplies
the path of the device and not of the device's interface to
udev-configure-printer. Thanks to Daniel Dressler for the fix

266. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/35_package-download-fixes.patch: Fixed several bugs to
  make automatic printer driver download working again:
   o Use pyrequests instead of pycurl for secure (verified certificate)
     downloads. pycurl stopped working after the OpenPrinting web server
     has moved from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04.
   o In the install-printerdriver script improved the check for the
     necessity of adfding the driver's Debian repository and added a
     workaround for a bug in aptdaemon interpreting PackageKit's package
     IDs wrongly when installing a package (LP: #1397750).
   o Bugs in the outsourcing of the OpenPrinting request code into
     from newprinter.py into the new OpenPrintingRequest.py
   o Python3 transition bugs
* debian/patches/07_driver-auto-download-configuration.patch: The variables
  for auto-download configuration have moved from newprinter.py to the new
  config.py file.
* debian/control: Depend on python-requests instead of on python-pycurl.

265. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.5.x snapshot from 29 October 2014
   o Tell user how to retrieve journal entries as root (Red Hat bug #1157253).
   o Timed Operations: Don't try to remove sources that are already removed.
   o Fixed parsing of HPLIP fax type, as implicit conversion from string to
     int does not work any more (LP: #1369789).
   o Fixed physical device identification. The MFG and MDL names were being
     compared too strictly.
   o Codec fix for AuthDialog.get_auth_info (Red Hat bug #1060453).
   o Don't treat CUPS IPP conformance failure state reasons as errors.
   o Don't try installing the smb backend a second time when performing an
     OpenPrinting ID-based search.
   o jobviewer: Always fetch auth-info-required attribute (LP #1380514).
* debian/patches/35_fix-hp-fax-type-parsing.patch: Removed the, applied

264. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.5.x snapshot from 27 October 2014
   o Document retrieval is fixed
   o Openprinting requests are performed from the main loop, no inner loop
   o Nested classes are not allowed
   o gpk-install-package-name is no longer used, direct D-Bus PackageKit
     access instead.
   o With PackageKit-based utility installation working again, fixed some
     additional, overlooked bugs to get it actually working
   o The manufacturer name for Kyocera has been fixed
   o Fixed infinite loop generating millions of links in /tmp when PPD file
     requested from a print queue is not readable (LP: #1156398,
     Closes: #764253).
   o Translation update and clean-up
   o Various other bug-fixes
   o Some Python 3 fixes
* debian/patches/25_install-smbclient-if-smb-backend-is-missing.patch: When
  the "smb" CUPS backend is missing, do not try to install "samba-client"
  but "smbclient". The PackageKit which comes with Ubuntu is not able to
  install packages via "Provides:" entries.
* debian/patches/30_scp-dbus-service-driver-download-hang-fixes.patch:
  Removed, fixed upstream in another form.
* debian/patches/33_ipp-over-usb-support.patch: Updated patch to apply
  to new upstream code.
* debian/patches/35_more-debugging-output.patch,
  debian/patches/53_make-installpackage-a-stub-only.patch: Removed the
  patches backported from upstream.
* debian/patches/35_fix-hp-fax-type-parsing.patch: Fix parsing of the HPLIP
  fax type (LP: #1369789).
* debian/system-config-printer-gnome.install: Added new module

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