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3. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-11-18

[ Akiva Avraham ]
* Updated library imports to qtquick-2.3.
* Upgraded ubuntu.components to 1.1 Upgraded ubuntu.components.xxxx to

[ Paolo Rotolo ]
* Added Tags icon.

[ Alan Pope ]
* Fix incorrect email address.

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* Add count properties to models.
* add API to save notebooks.
* correctly update the model when a notebook changes.
* Some performance optimizations when having many, big notes
* improve startup sequence
* suppress some warnings. (LP: #1316800)
* Add support for tags. (LP: #1379747)
* Fixed bug 1378014 - Notes should be sorted by modification date by
  default Fixed bug 1380255 - Add day of the month to the notes
  preview. (LP: #1378014, #1380255)
* Fixed change accounts page. (LP: #1379751)
* Split the actual evernote code out from the QML plugin into a
  libqtevernote. (LP: #1385994)
* Improve reminders delegate. (LP: #1318054)
* fix pulldown positioning. (LP: #1368548)
* split loading of notes into chunks
* Don't reload the note's content when reloading a note for its
  resources. (LP: #1380987)
* improve sorting by falling back on title if the first sortrole is
  equal. (LP: #1380987)
* add gif support
* Improve handling of connection errors.
* include tags when cloning a note.
* add scrollbars to listviews.
* Don't always build translations
* implement full note caching
* improve note edit view. (LP: #1391410, #1316947)
* small fixes in the new edit mode
* Created URI handlers to load the app from the scope. (LP: #1391689,

[ Víctor R. Ruiz ]
* "Search notes" unstranslated. Update to the code and template. (LP:
* Another batch of untranslated strings. Updated template. (LP:

[ Riccardo Padovani ]
* Fixed #1340644 - Notes go in default notebook when edited. (LP:
* Upgraded the WebView to Oxide. (LP: #1317580)
* Fixed #1340686 - Selecting a notebook then add a note doesn't
  default the note to the notebook. (LP: #1340686)
* Added a couple of new i18n.tr, updated the translations template.
* Updated the camera confirm page to have buttons again Added a check
  to be sure to delete previous temp picture. (LP: #1342249)
* Update string for no account advice, removed reference to add
  reminder button. (LP: #1340635)
* Fixed pull down to refresh behavior.
* Implemented fronted to change notebooks name. (LP: #1340640)
* Implemented bottomEdge.
* Added a bouncing ProgressBar. (LP: #1372420)
* Fix #1379886 - First time reminders tab is shown, the list is offset
  from the top. (LP: #1379886)
* Fixed #1382730 - Unable to create new notes. (LP: #1382730)
* Enabled automatic orientation. (LP: #1385429)
* Fixed bug 1378014 - Notes should be sorted by modification date by
  default Fixed bug 1380255 - Add day of the month to the notes
  preview. (LP: #1378014, #1380255)
* Fixed change accounts page. (LP: #1379751)
* Created URI handlers to load the app from the scope. (LP: #1391689,

[ David Planella ]
* Make the autofocus "just work". (LP: #1342252)
* Workaround for bug 1351041, in which we fetch the hostname somewhere
  else in the code to get valid results. (LP: #1351041)
* Added .desktop file internationalization. (LP: #1318008)
* Move the account plugin to the click package. (LP: #1367235)
* Fixes layout for long translations of the buttons in the Set
  Reminder page. (LP: #1379888)

[ Penk Chen ]
* Created URI handlers to load the app from the scope. (LP: #1391689,

[ CI bot ]
* Release current trunk to the Ubuntu archive.

[ Nicholas Skaggs ]
* Fix tests never finishing because of a failure to setup an account.
  (LP: #1381828)

[ Leo Arias ]
* Start the preinstalled click package using the sandbox. This
  requires a test desktop file. (LP: #1363599)

[ nskaggs ]
* Switch to custom proxy object emulator, instead of calling via old
  emulators module. (LP: #1341681)
* Add autopkgtest runner support. (LP: #1338790)
* Skip tests affected by bug 1347905. (LP: #1347905)
* Re-enable tests for running on device. (LP: #1347905)
* Added a sleep on the delete account test helper to workaround bug
  1363604 (LP: #1363604)

[ Benjamin Zeller ]
* Make Reminders app cmake project useable out of the Box with
  QtCreator (after dependencies are installed) Enable click mode by
  default. Disable click mode in debian rules file. Add variable
  UBUNTU_MANIFEST_PATH variable so QtC knows where to look. for the
  manifest file Rename apparmor.json to reminders.apparmor (editor
  support). Rename manifest.json => manifest.json.in so insource
  builds won't. override it.

[ Pawel Stolowski ]
* Added X-Ubuntu-Default-Department-ID key to the desktop file. This
  is required by click scope to support departments for preinstalled

2. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-07-04

[ David Planella ]
* Trunk release.
* Fix Qt Creator running and packaging issues. (LP: #1304879)
* Adds the launch path to those searched for when looking for the main
  QML file, so that the app can start. . (LP: #1303763)
* Updated build and manifest so that a click package can now be
  created either by Qt Creator or click-buddy. Updated the README file
  with instructions.
* Make the plugin in the build dir properly override a plugin
  installed in the system.
* Drop unused imports to QtWebkit.
* Add dependency to the Suru icons package to get the mobile icons
  installed on the desktop. (LP: #1289347)
* Specified reminder actions explicitly, and update icons accordingly.
* Add OpenSSL linking exception. (LP: #1317977)
* Update translations template. (LP: #1317683)
* Provide more context to translators when translating a date string.

[ Carla Sella <email address hidden> ]
* New baseline for AP tests.

[ Alan Pope ]
* Fix broken manifest file.
* Bump framework. (LP: #1336764)
* Correctly fix framework. (LP: #1336764)

[ Riccardo Padovani ]
* Improved design of camera.
* Added dialog to inform users if no account is available. (LP:
  #1289349, #1289342)
* Updated ContentImportHint to ContentTransferHint due new API
  implementation. (LP: #1298057)
* Do autologin if a new account is added in system settings.
* Added a loading property to Notes, Notebooks and Note in order to
  display busyindicators.
* Fixed #1316176 - Toolbar shows wrong actions. (LP: #1316176)
* Use Ubuntu Font as default for noteview. (LP: #1316950)
* Initial implementation of the new visual design.
* Better gradient on preview images.
* Remove wrong actions in toolbar when close note opened from a
  notebook. (LP: #1318078)
* Pull to refresh notes and notebooks. (LP: #1318069, #1318071)
* Clear a previous search result when you do a new search. (LP:
* Removed the height property that causes the loop in the QML Row.
* New notebooks indicate the right creation date - today. (LP:
* First implementation of the new header.

[ Ken VanDine ]
* Updated for API changes in content-hub (LP: #1316942) . (LP:

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* load qml file from /usr/share if not found in current dir. (LP:
* build plugin on any arch, not one for all. (LP: #1284857)
* Add command line option -q <qmlfile> to load the main qml file from
  some other place Also make it a bit more flexible by unhardcoding
  the fallback searchpath for /usr/share.
* Make the app more robust against network outtakes.
* Added a loading property to Notes, Notebooks and Note in order to
  display busyindicators.
* Displays error messages when loading fails for some reason (e.g.
  network down). Also, display an informational message if no notes or
  reminders are available.
* fix errors/warnings regarding images: Create the cachedir on startup
  if it doesn't exist. Don't scale images to 0,0 if sourceSize is not
  set. .
* cherry-picks notes-headers from new-design branch into trunk.
* change how resources are fetched   * hardcode sourceSize to a fixed
  size to avoid the Image to load the big version * only refresh the
  notecontent on scrolling if we don't have it yet   * fetch notes
  without resourcedata by default   * if we detect a resource we don't
  have cached yet, fetch the note again with the resource. (LP:
* Initial implementation of the new visual design.

[ Daniel Holbach ]
* relax reminders-app-autopilot dependency on reminders-app somewhat.
  - add ${shlibs:Depends} to reminders-app dependencies - bump
  Standards-Version to 3.9.5 - remove duplicate Section: entry.

[ Carla Sella ]
* New baseline for AP tests.

[ Akiva Avraham ]
* Added a Reload Button on the notes page. (LP: #1316827)

[ Dan Chapman ]
* removed -q option from src/app/main.cpp and
  autopilot/reminders/tests/__init__.py Now looks for reminders.qml in
  relation to the path of the application executable.

[ Jason Gerlowski ]
* Appends the correct path to the list of "Standard Paths" used to
  search for the qml file.

[ Nicholas Skaggs ]
* Fix flake8 errors.

[ Leo Arias ]
* Fixed static errors, made consistent use of single quotes. (LP:
* Fixed the copyright headers. (LP: #1302324)
* Fixed the way autopilot starts the locally compiled application.
* Added an initial autopilot test.
* Fail gracefully if the no account dialog is not present.
* Added autopilot test_go_to_account_settings.
* Added helpers to create an evernote account in autopilot tests.
* Workaround for the API breakage on autopilot 1.5 that moved
  get_classname_from_path to a private module.
* Added an autopiolot test to add a notebook.
* Added helpers for setting up and cleaning up the evernote account.
  Added a test to check that an added note will be created on the
  server. Make sure that all tests remove all the things they create.
* Added logging messages and tests to the credentials autopilot tests

[ nskaggs ]
* Add check for testability driver when loading binary to ensure
  autopilot introspection works.
* New baseline for AP tests.
* Fix misnamed click package during autopilot launch.
* Enable jenkins to run python3 tests.
* Properly setup environment for autopilot testing by using a faked
  /home directory on phablet and desktop. (LP: #1316746)
* First implementation of the new header.
* Update pep8 compliance.
* Include the evernote-sdk-python3 depends inline along with a custom
  version of libthrift.

[ Boren Zhang ]
* Fixed 1279783. (LP: #1279783)

[ Alberto Mardegan ]
* Request access to the Evernote account Use the new
  OnlineAccounts.Client module to setup the Evernote account.

1. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-07-04

Import upstream version 0.4+14.10.20140704

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