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12. By Jamie Wilkinson on 2013-03-14

* New upstream version.
* Acknowledge NMUs. Thanks Jakub and Sandro! (Closes: #620280, #556153)
* Update debian/watch with new URI for tarball.
* Updated standards version to 3.9.2
* Transition from pysupprt to dh_python2.
* Fix debhelper misc:depends to appease lintian.
* Remove obsolete cleanup from debian/rules.

11. By Matthias Klose on 2012-04-14

Rebuild to drop python2.6 dependencies and provides.

10. By Jakub Wilk on 2011-04-08

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Use python-support (closes: #620280).
  + Add build-dependency on python-support.
  + In debian/rules, replace call to dh_python with dh_pysupport.

9. By Michael Vogt on 2011-02-14

rebuild for py2.7

8. By Sandro Tosi on 2009-11-15

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Prepare for the upcoming Python 2.6 transition; thanks to Piotr O┼╝arowski
  for the bug report and to Kumar Appaiah for the patch; Closes: #556153
  - debian/rules
    + optionally include python.mk, add $(py_setup_install_args) and
      --prefix=/usr when installing

7. By Jamie Wilkinson on 2009-11-03

* New upstream version. (Closes: #543442, #306757)
* Updated debhelper compat to 7.
 - Move into debian/compat from DH_COMPAT.
 - Update build dep.
* Update standards version to 3.8.3.
* Fix copyright in debian/copyright.

6. By Matthias Klose on 2009-02-26

Rebuild for python2.6.

5. By Matthias Klose on 2007-01-12

Rebuild for python2.5 as the default python version.

4. By Matthias Klose on 2006-07-11

NMU based on 0.5.4-3.1 (removed python-support, not necessary).

3. By Jamie Wilkinson on 2004-08-24

* New upstream release.
  - Fixes exception handling for non-file file-like objects.
* Upstream uses arch; svn changelog removed.
* Bumped standards version to 3.6.1.

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