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14. By Adam Conrad on 2015-03-18

No-change rebuild for the libgdal-dev 1.11.2 transition.

13. By Ross Gammon on 2014-08-21

Move to unstable

12. By Ross Gammon on 2014-08-01

[ Bas Couwenberg ]
* Add build dependency on liblaszip-dev for compression support.
* Use dh_install --list-install.
* Also include lasblock & ts2las programs in liblas-bin.
* Add patch from upstream to remove old LAStools utilities.
  (closes: #749403)

[ Ross Gammon ]
* Ignore quilt dir
* Update to build against latest gdal (1.11.0)
* Revert inclusion of liblaszip until it passes the new queue
* Add myself to uploaders

11. By Bas Couwenberg on 2014-03-06

* Add myself to Uploaders.
* Also remove generated man pages on clean.
* Add gbp.conf to use prinstine-tar by default.

10. By Bas Couwenberg on 2014-02-21

Move python dependencies from Build-Depends-Indep to Build-Depends.

9. By Francesco Paolo Lovergine on 2014-01-05

Fixed missing linking of system boost component.
(closes: #733282)

8. By Francesco Paolo Lovergine on 2013-12-27

* Merged change accepted upstream to substitute the non-free SHA1
  implementation with a MIT/X11 implementation as provided by
  (closes: #730754)
* Revised debian/copyright to reflect changes and missing licenses.
  (closes: #730755)
* Policy bumped to 3.9.5, no changes required.
* Moved to new libgdal-dev b-d.
* Moved to canonical Vcs-* fields.

7. By Peter Michael Green <email address hidden> on 2013-07-13

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Switch from libtiff5-dev to libtiff5-alt-dev to avoid build dependency
  and depdency conflicts with current geotiff. (Closes: 716872)
* Get information on where to find libtiff headers and libraries from
  pkg-config so we can build successfully with libtiff5-alt-dev
* Use chrpath to remove bogus rpath introduced by the use of libtiff5-alt-dev
* Add a build dependency on chrpath

6. By Francesco Paolo Lovergine on 2012-03-22

Now using TIFF 4.0 instead of TIFF 3.0 API. This is required to build
with current GeoTIFF.
(closes: #665020, #665027, #665027)

5. By Francesco Paolo Lovergine on 2011-10-25

Added format-security patch to satisfy hardened building.
(closes: #643429)

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