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46. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2015-02-28

* Cherry-picked changes:
  - Update documentation for changes to the multi partitioning scheme: /usr
    is no longer made onto its own separate partition, but rather included
    with /.
  - Replace -- with --- in details about how to pass parameters to the kernel
    that need to be passed on to the installed system. (LP: #1427252)

45. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2015-01-28

[ Doug Smythies ]
* Bump versions and names for Trusty, including kernel and GNOME.
* Include Changes as per MP 190783, as I got it to build.
* Bump kernel version for Utopic.

[ Iain Lane ]
* Bump names for Utopic, including GNOME but not kernel

[ Colin Watson ]
* Stop describing Kickstart support as "preliminary".

[ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
* Add documentation for the live-installer/net-image preseed. (LP: #1368700)
* Bump versions and names for Vivid, including kernel, but not GNOME: not
  all apps are 3.14 yet, so it seems better to keep it to the lowest version
  until most packages are 3.14.

44. By Adam Conrad on 2013-08-04

* Bump versions and names for Saucy, including kernel and GNOME.
* Rename armel manual to armhf, and s/armel/armhf/ throughout.

43. By Doug Smythies on 2013-04-16

* Bump kernelversion
* Bump release version and names for Raring. (LP: #1169800)
* Use entity subsitution in an xml file.

42. By dann frazier on 2012-09-17

Document network-console/authorized_keys_url feature (LP: #1042480)

41. By Colin Watson on 2012-08-01

* Drop build-dependency on poxml for now, since we don't ship any
  translations (LP: #1031478).
* Bump kernelversion to 3.5.
* Bump GNOME version to 3.6.
* Bump release version and names for Quantal.

40. By Colin Watson on 2012-04-05

* Bump kernelversion to 3.2.
* Bump GNOME version to 3.4.
* Bump release version and names for Precise.
* Add an example Kickstart configuration file, thanks to Ameet Paranjape
  (LP: #969568).
* Expand &archive-mirror; to archive.ubuntu.com when generating example
  preseed file (LP: #955607).

39. By Colin Watson on 2011-09-26

* Bump kernelversion to 3.0.
* Remove some 2.6 kernel specifics.
* Bump GNOME version to 3.0.
* Bump release version and names for Oneiric.
* Replace 'netcfg/disable_dhcp' with 'netcfg/disable_autoconfig'
  throughout. (We could probably do with some description of the new IPv6
  behaviour as well, but this is better than nothing.)
* Replace 'console-setup/modelcode', 'console-setup/layoutcode', and
  'console-setup/variantcode' with 'keyboard-configuration/modelcode',
  'keyboard-configuration/layoutcode', and
  'keyboard-configuration/variantcode' respectively (LP: #800822).

38. By Colin Watson on 2011-04-20

* Update URL to Red Hat Kickstart documentation.
* Update url-us-keymap (thanks, Manfred Hampl; LP: #741134).
* Document that i586 processors and i686 without cmov are no longer
  supported (LP: #688195).

37. By Colin Watson on 2011-01-26

* Apply Ubuntu branding to i386 "CPU, Main Boards, and Video Support"
  section; there's one remaining instance of "Debian", but it makes sense
  in context (LP: #689153).
* Apply Ubuntu branding to "Braille Displays", "Hardware Speech
  Synthesis", and powerpc "CPU, Main Boards, and Video Support" sections
  (thanks, Mahyuddin Susanto; LP: #689157).

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