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52. By Till Kamppeter

debian/patches/hp-plugin-download-fix.patch: Fix download and installation
of HP's proprietary plug-in in Python3 environments (LP: #1422004).

51. By Till Kamppeter

debian/rules: Remove explicit call of /usr/bin/python when calling the
/usr/bin/hp-config_usb_printer script so that the shebang does not get
overridden (LP: #1425812).

50. By Till Kamppeter

Allow non-JPEG scanning on the HP DeskJet 3520 All-in-One and similar
devices. Thanks to Lubos Dolezel for the patch (LP: #1245578).

49. By Till Kamppeter

debian/patches/pcardext-python3-workaround-upstream.patch: Workaround
patch for missing Python3 transition of the old (pre-USB-storage) photo
memory card support (pcardext) as this part builds in Python3 environments
but with pointer-related warnings which are fatal errors for Ubuntu's build
servers. The patch silences the warnings but the memory card support is
dropped in Python3 environments. This patch is supplied by the HPLIP
upstream developers and will be replaced by a more proper solution in the
next upstream release of HPLIP (see LP: #1275353).

48. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release
  - Python3 support for HPLIP
  - Doesn't build against libjpeg-turbo 1.3.90 (LP: #1388126)
  - hpcups crashes if DEVICE_URI not set in environment (LP: #1395676)
  - Incorrect call to hpmudext.device_open (LP: #1388007)
  - plugin download fails if python links to python3 (LP: #1187055)
  - Incorrect IEEE 1284 Device IDs for many models (LP: #802999)
* debian/patches/85_rebuild_python_ui.dpatch: Manually updated to apply to new
  upstream source code.
* debian/patches/hp_photosmart_pro_b9100_support.dpatch,
  debian/patches/process-events-for-systray.patch: Refreshed with quilt.
* debian/rules: Force Python3 build using PYTHON=python3 ./configure option
* debian/rules: Use py3versions to get system's Python3 interpreter version
* debian/rules: Use relative symlink for /usr/sbin/hpssd, so that shebang
  correction works.
* debian/rules: Make sure that the Python interpreter paths in all executables
  use python3.
* debian/rules: Use dh_python3 instead of dh_python2.
* debian/control: Replaced all Python-related dependencies by their
  Python3 equivalent.

47. By Harald Sitter

Add process-events-for-systray.patch to enable sni-qt compatiblity to
allow hp-systray to continue working in Plasma 5.x workspaces.

46. By Mark Purcell

* New upstream release
  - Fixed Device Communication Error on launching HP Device Manager
  - Unable to add/remove file in 'hp-sendfax' wizard
  - Fax cover page does not get changed after changing recipient second time
  - Improved scan performance for 'hp-scan' utility
  - Fixes "hplip is outdated in jessie : please upgrade" (Closes: #748132)

45. By Mark Purcell

* New upstream release
  - CVE-2013-6427: hplip: insecure auto update feature
  - CVE-2013-6402: hplip: insecure temporary file handling in pkit.py

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* debian/control: Changed Depends/Recommends on foomatic-filters to
  "cups-filters (>= 1.0.42) | foomatic-filters" as foomatic-rip has
  moved to cups-filters from version 1.0.42 on (Closes: #734140).

[ Mark Purcell ]
* Ack NMU - thanks ~carnil
* Drop CVE-2013-6402.patch - addressed upstream

44. By Salvatore Bonaccorso

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Add CVE-2013-6402.patch patch.
  CVE-2013-6402: Fix insecure temporary files handling in pkit.py.
  (Closes: #725876)
* Add missing dh_bugfiles invocation in binary-indep target

43. By Mark Purcell

* Urgency medium for CVE fix
* Sync with ubuntu - thks ~marc.deslauriers
  - Fixes "CVE-2013-6427: insecure (undocumented) auto update feature"
  (Closes: #731480)

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