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84. By James Page on 2015-04-20

d/pydist-overrides: Amend typo xstatic-angular-irdragndrop ->
xstatic-angular-lrdragndrop to ensure that embedded xstatic deps are
correctly ignored when generating dependencies (LP: #1439837).

83. By James Page on 2015-04-16

* New upstream release candidate:
  - d/openstack-dashboard.conf: Add /horizon/static alias in addition
    to /static to cover both paths to static resources.
  - d/p/fix-requirements.patch: Drop, not actually used.
  - d/p/*: Refresh.
* Update Ubuntu theme for OpenStack Kilo (LP: #1443973).
  - d/theme/*: Refresh inline with new approach to theming in Kilo.
  - d/openstack-dashboard-ubuntu-theme.install|links: Install
    ubuntu_theme.py directly into the openstack_dashboard source tree
    instead of symlinking, supporting easier switching of themes.
  - d/openstack-dashboard{-ubuntu-theme}.postinst|postrm: Purge 'custom'
    folder prior to collecting and compressing static assets to ensure
    that theme changes are correctly detected and implemented.

82. By James Page on 2015-04-10

d/pydist-overrides: Ignore xstatic depends added at kilo-3 as these
are bundled in Ubuntu (LP: #1442531).

81. By James Page on 2015-03-30

* New upstream milestone release:
  - d/control: All version requirements with upstream, drop dependency
    on lockfile.
  - Refresh xstatic assets.
  - d/p/*: Refresh.
* d/pydist-overrides: Add overrides for oslo packages.

80. By James Page on 2015-03-16

* d/control: Restore BD on python-django-nose, fixing FTBFS.
* d/control: Add BD on dh-python.

79. By Chuck Short on 2015-02-23

[ Corey Bryant ]
d/pydist-overrides: Add python-xstatic-smart-table.

78. By James Page on 2015-02-19

d/control: Drop testing related BD's as tests are not currently
executed during package build.

77. By Corey Bryant on 2015-01-05

[ Chuck Short ]
* Open for Kilo.
* d/control: Update bzr branches
* d/patches/embedded-xstatic.patch: Refreshed
* d/patches/add-juju-environment-download.patch: Temporarily disabled.

[ Corey Bryant ]
* New upstream release.
  - d/control: Align requirements with upstream.
  - d/watch: Update uversionmangle for kilo beta naming.
* d/control: Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.6.

[ James Page ]
* d/bundle-xstatic.sh: Tweak grep to be case insensitive.
* d/p/add-juju-environment-download.patch: Rebase for kilo-1.

76. By James Page on 2014-10-16

New upstream release.

75. By James Page on 2014-10-15

* Resolve issues with missing static assets and failing compression
  (LP: #1379761):
  - d/openstack-dashboard*.postinst: Collect and compress static assets
    during installation.
  - d/rules: Drop explicit link to bootstrap scss resources
  - d/p/ubuntu_settings.patch: Switch back to using offline compression.

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