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36. By Martin Pitt on 2015-04-19

* Implement fsck by ourselves instead of letting the boot sequence already
  do that for us. (LP: #1438860)
* dpkg: Quiesce "file not found" errors in apt cleanup. (LP: #887589)
* Mount all file systems after fsck (like with mountall under upstart), to
  also cover separate /boot partitions for grub. (LP: #1438862)

35. By Martin Pitt on 2015-04-15

dpkg: Force release-upgrader to run without screen, as that fails under
friendly-recovery. (LP: #1438865)

34. By Martin Pitt on 2015-04-09

network: Temporarily start D-Bus and NetworkManager manually, instead of
calling the upstart scripts. We run even before local-fs-pre.target and
can't rely on any dependencies or NM to even work, so just do this
opportunistically. (LP: #1436336)

33. By Martin Pitt on 2014-12-03

debian/friendly-recovery.service: Fix dmesg path. (LP: #1354937)

32. By Martin Pitt on 2014-08-04

* Drop /usr/share/recovery-mode symlink and transition, this happened in
  oneiric already.
* Move from cdbs to dh to simplify/modernize build system.
* Update to copyright format 1.0.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5.
* lib/recovery-mode/options/dpkg: Fix ubuntu-release-upgrader mode again:
  Update to Python 3, and fix --datadir.
* When running under systemd, call its "remount-fs" service for remounting
  r/w instead of mountall.
* Add systemd unit, hooking into local-fs-pre.target. This is based on
  emergency.target, but watches out for "recovery" on the kernel command
  line, similar to upstart. (LP: #1351316) Add alternative "systemd-sysv"
  dependency (LP: #1351306)

31. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2014-05-09

No change rebuild against upstart-job dependency removal.

30. By Stéphane Graber on 2012-03-14

[ James Hunt ]
* README: Fixed typo.
* lib/recovery-mode/options/system-symmary: added brief LVM and APT

[ Stéphane Graber ]
* Update upstart job to ensure /run/shm and /run/lock are present.

29. By Stéphane Graber on 2012-02-16

* Fix failsafeX (thanks to James Hunt)
* Add new system-summary script, trying to give some useful information
  about the system
* Add 'apt-get autoremove' to the clean script
* Update translations

28. By Stéphane Graber on 2012-02-09

* Upload the right version of recovery-menu
  (previous upload was a debug version ...)
* Better handle the fsck case by having it be a one-time option that
  can only be triggered from read-only mode.

27. By Stéphane Graber on 2012-02-09

* Rework of the menu
  - All options are now displayed again.
  - Filesystem state (read-only or read/write) is displayed in the title.
  - User is prompted the first time they access an option requiring
    read/write access to the filesystem.
  - netroot option was dropped and replaced by a new network option
    that tries to configure the network by calling ifupdown,
    Network Manager and falling back to regular dhclient.
  - A warning is now shown when the user wants to resume the boot
    sequence warning them that some X drivers don't work when the
    system was booted without KMS. Recommending the user to reboot in
    that case.

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