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154. By Matthias Klose on 2015-03-05

* Don't use llvm on armhf, arm64 and ppc64el.
  - armhf: Should work, but upstream claims it's not tested and
    refuses to build. Why do we have testsuites?
  - arm64: No JIT available in 3.5.
  - ppc64el: Builds, but fails one test.

153. By Matthias Klose on 2015-03-04

Explicitly build using llvm-3.5, on all architectures.

152. By Scott Kitterman on 2015-01-28

[ Sebastian Andrzej Siewior ]
* update "fix-ssize_t-size_t-off_t-printf-modifier", include of misc.h was
  missing but was pulled in via the systemd patch.
* Don't leak return codes from libmspack to clamav API. (Closes: #774686).

[ Andreas Cadhalpun ]
* Add patch to avoid emitting incremental progress messages when not
  outputting to a terminal. (Closes: #767350)
* Update lintian-overrides for unused-file-paragraph-in-dep5-copyright.
* clamav-base.postinst: always chown /var/log/clamav and /var/lib/clamav
  to clamav:clamav, not only on fresh installations. (Closes: #775400)
* Adapt the clamav-daemon and clamav-freshclam logrotate scripts,
  so that they correctly work under systemd.
* Move the PidFile variable from the clamd/freshclam configuration files
  to the init scripts. This makes the init scripts more robust against
  misconfiguration and avoids error messages with systemd. (Closes: #767353)
* debian/copyright: drop files from Files-Excluded only present in github
* Drop Workaround-a-bug-in-libc-on-Hurd.patch, because hurd got fixed.
  (see #752237)
* debian/rules: Remove useless --with-system-tommath --without-included-ltdl
  configure options.

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Stop stripping llvm when repacking the tarball as the system llvm on some
  releases is too old to use
* New upstream bugfix release
  - Library shared object revisions.
  - Includes a patch from Sebastian Andrzej Siewior making ClamAV pid files
    compatible with systemd.
  - Fix a heap out of bounds condition with crafted Yoda's crypter files.
    This issue was discovered by Felix Groebert of the Google Security Team.
  - Fix a heap out of bounds condition with crafted mew packer files. This
    issue was discovered by Felix Groebert of the Google Security Team.
  - Fix a heap out of bounds condition with crafted upx packer files. This
    issue was discovered by Kevin Szkudlapski of Quarkslab.
  - Fix a heap out of bounds condition with crafted upack packer files. This
    issue was discovered by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior. CVE-2014-9328.
  - Compensate a crash due to incorrect compiler optimization when handling
    crafted petite packer files. This issue was discovered by Sebastian
    Andrzej Siewior.
* Update lintian override for embedded zlib to match new so version

[ Javier Fernández-Sanguino ]
* Updated Spanish Debconf template translation (Closes: #773563)

151. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2014-12-04

Fix failure to purge, noticed by piuparts. (Closes: #772092)

150. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2014-12-03

* Automatically extend the clamav-daemon.socket systemd unit to create the
  TCP socket, when clamd is configured to use TCP. (Closes: #771911)
* Also accept AF_INET6 sockets in clamd, as they are now supported.
  Systemd uses AF_INET6 for TCP sockets without specified address.

149. By Sebastian Andrzej Siewior <email address hidden> on 2014-11-19

[ Sebastian Andrzej Siewior ]
* import new upsstream version, refresh patches:
   - LLVM-3.5-version-check-update.patch
   - add-support-for-LLVM-3.5.patch
   - fix-test-failure-on-powerpc-again.patch
   - hardcode-LLVM-linker-flag-because-llvm-config-return
   - added "bb-10731-Allow-to-specificy-a-group-for-the-socket-o" as
     dependecy for "clamav-milter-add-additinal-SMFIF_-flags-before-invo"
  (Closes: #763300)
* Add "Bump-.so-version-number", likely the RPM version of 769384.
* Add "llvm-don-t-use-system-libs", since we don't link against .a libs, we
  don't need the deps either.

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Update libclamav6: embedded-library lintian override for new libclamav6 so

148. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2014-11-13

Bump the version requirement for the cl_retflevel symbol to 0.98.5~rc1,
because the CL_FLEVEL, which this function returns, increased in that
version the last time.
This ensures that the functionality level of libclamav is always new
enough. (Closes: #769384)

147. By Sebastian Andrzej Siewior <email address hidden> on 2014-10-30

Add "clamav-milter-add-additinal-SMFIF_-flags-before-invo" to make sure
clamav-milter is able to add/replace X-Virus-StatusX-Virus-Scanned
header flags. Broken since bb-10731 got included (0.98.5~beta1+dfsg-3).

146. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2014-10-16

Add patch to fix test failure on powerpc again.
(This is the same fix as in 0.98.4~rc1+dfsg-3.)

145. By Scott Kitterman on 2014-07-04

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Urgency high due to fix for undocumented API/ABI break
* debian/patches/0002-Fix-STAT64-definition-and-add-missing-includes.patch:
  Removed, because the remaining changes are not needed to fix FTBFS and
  upstream recommends drop due to potential issues with scanning large

[ Andreas Cadhalpun ]
* Fix debian/watch to properly detect release candidates.
* Add patches to fix building on Hurd:
   - 0008-Fix-compiling-on-Hurd.patch
   - 0009-Workaround-a-bug-in-libc-on-Hurd.patch
* Fix 0004-Fix-FTBFS-with-LLVM-3.1-3.4.patch to correctly detect the
  new LLVM version scheme X.Y.Z (instead of X.Y).
* Add versioned dependencies on procps (for 'pkill -F') and on dpkg
  (for 'start-stop-daemon --status').
* Remove useless code from debian/freshclam.init.in.
* Avoid creation of an empty freshclam.pid file.
* Switch the watchfile to look at github.com, because the sf.net
  website doesn't work correctly at the moment, see #752384.
* Add DEP-5 header with Files-Excluded field to debian/copyright
  in order to let uscan remove unneeded files.

[ Julien Patriarca ]
* Updated French Debconf template translation (Closes: #752388)

[ Sebastian Andrzej Siewior ]
* Add 0010-Call-cl_initialize_crypto-in-cl_init.patch from upstream. The
  cl_initialize_crypto() will now be invoked within libclamav in cl_init()
  so there is now no need to force third party to invoke that function on
  their own.

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