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41. By Chuck Short on 2015-10-14

[ Chuck Short ]
* Resynchronize with stable/kilo (74841ad) (LP: #1506058):
  - [74841ad] Requeuing event with workload_partitioning on publish
  - [10305c0] Prevent ceilometer expirer from causing deadlocks
  - [1084de3] Coordinator handles ToozError when joining group
  - [850ce95] fix command ceilometer event-list -q error
  - [3592176] instance:<type> meter is ignored
  - [c93ca91] Fix meter name for identity.OS-TRUST:trust.* events
  - [bec2e27] Keep the instance_type meta from polling and notification
  - [268c803] postgres isolation level produces inconsistent reads
  - [f28b0c4] Fix alarm rest notifier logging to include severity
  - [f80cfd6] Add Kilo release note reference
  - [220c1d0] Update alarm history only if change in alarm property

[ Corey Byrant ]
* d/rules: Prevent dh_python2 from guessing dependencies.

40. By David Ames on 2015-08-05

* Additional support for stable/kilo (LP: #1481008):
  - d/p/disable-kafka.patch: Mocked KafkaBrokerPublisher.
  - d/p/skip-rgw-tests.patch: Mocked rgw, rgw_client, RGWAdminAPIFailed,
    and RGWAdminClient.
  - d/control: Add python-awsauth as Suggested.

39. By Chuck Short on 2015-05-03

[ Corey Bryant ]
* New upstream release for OpenStack kilo (LP: #1449744):
  - d/p/disable-kafka.patch: Rebased.

38. By Chuck Short on 2015-04-15

* New upstream milestone release:
  - d/control: Align with upstream dependencies.
  - d/p/disable-kafka.patch: Refreshed.

37. By James Page on 2015-03-30

[ James Page ]
* d/pydist-overrides: Add overrides for oslo packages.
* d/p/disable-kafka.patch: Disable requirement for Apache Kafka for Ubuntu
  Vivid release.
* d/control: Fixup minor typos in package descriptions (LP: #1256279).

[ Corey Bryant ]
* New upstream milestone release for OpenStack kilo:
  - d/control: Align with upstream dependencies.
  - d/p/skip-test.patch: Rebased.

36. By James Page on 2015-02-19

[ Corey Bryant ]
* New upstream release.
  - d/control: Align requirements with upstream.
  - d/p/skip-test.patch: Rebased.

[ James Page ]
* d/rules,d/p/skip-gabbi.patch: Skip tests that rely on python-gabbi until
  packaging and MIR is complete.

35. By Chuck Short on 2015-02-09

debian/patches/skip-tests.patch: Skip failing timeutils tests.

34. By Chuck Short on 2015-02-09

debian/tests/test-daemons: Fix dep-8 tests to actually run.

33. By Corey Bryant on 2015-01-14

* Rebuild to pick up pkgos upstart generation fix.
  - d/control: Bump openstack-pkg-tools to ensure upstart fix inclusion.

32. By Corey Bryant on 2015-01-08

* Systemd enablement:
  - d/*.service: Dropped in favor of template approach.
  - d/control: Add dh-systemd and openstack-pkg-tools to BD's.
  - d/rules: Enable use of pkgos, tidyup generated init files.
  - d/*.init.in: Cherry pick and adapt pkgos template configurations from
    Debian ceilometer package (thanks Thomas).
  - d/*.upstart: Drop in preference to generated files.
* d/control,compat: Bump debhelper compat level to 9.

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