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53. By Tim Lunn

[ Tim Lunn ]
* Don't use legacy icon names, these are no longer available in
  adwaita-icon-theme. (LP: #1437150)

[ Iain Lane ]
* For dialog-question, go back to using the stock icon name as Humanity
  doesn't yet have an icon with the new name.

52. By Iain Lane

Switch gnome-icon-theme to adwaita-icon-theme, which is its
successor. (LP: #1414613)

51. By Dimitri John Ledkov

Drop libgtk2-perl Recommends to Suggests.

50. By Sebastien Bacher

AptUrl/AptUrl.py: don't use decode on a str (lp: #1050826)

49. By Michael Vogt

adjust backend to reuse the bits from update-manager (LP: #1200775)

48. By Martin Pitt

* AptUrl/gtk/backend/__init__.py: Drop "action-done" signal definition;
  update-manager's GTK backend already defines it with different arguments,
  so this is ineffective and confusing.
* AptUrl/gtk/GtkUI.py, _on_backend_done(): Add additional error signal
  arguments, as defined by update-manager's backend.
* AptUrl/gtk/backend/InstallBackend{Aptdaemon,Synaptic}.py: Call action-done
  signal with error arguments. (LP: #1103024)
* data/apturl-gtk.ui: Drop obsolete "has_separator" property. Fixes a

47. By Barry Warsaw

AptUrl/gtk/backend/InstallBackendAptdaemon.py: Work around
incompatible Update Manager API change (as described in Launchpad
bug #1026257). LP: #1020980

46. By Barry Warsaw

debian/control: Move python3-aptdaemon dependency to apturl binary
package (from apturl-common) since only the gtk backend needs it.

45. By Brian Murray

[ Brian Murray ]
* Port to Python 3:
  - Use Python 3 style print functions
* AptUrl/Parser.py:
  - ensure MAX_URL_LEN/10 returns an int

[ Colin Watson ]
* AptUrl/gtk/backend/InstallBackendSynaptic.py:
  - Keep a reference to the data tuple passed to GObject.child_watch_add
    to avoid attempts to destroy it without a thread context.
  - Open temporary synaptic selections file in text mode.

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* Additional Python 3 fixes:
  + Port setup.py to Python 3.
  + Use the new python-apt API since the legacy API is not available in
    Python 3.
  + ki18n() takes bytes.
  + Fix relative imports so the code can be run from source.
  + Fixed some additional packaging paths.
  + Change #! lines to use python3.
  + Changed debian/control and debian/rules to use python3.
  + Change debian/compat == 9
  + apturl now must require python3-aptdaemon.gtk3widgets (i.e. not |
    synaptic) due to the Python 3 port of update-manager.
* Other changes:
  + Remove the need for threads in the KDE front-end.
  + Enable running the test suite via `python3 -m unittest discover`
  + i18n updates.
  + Various and sundry pyflakes, whitespace, style, line length, and
    spelling fixes.

44. By Steve Langasek

Take the unicode representation of the parser error message instead
of the string representation, so that we get clean i18n handling.
LP: #911144.

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