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73. By Alberto Milone on 2014-10-09

* debian/tests/system, tests/ubuntu_drivers.py,
  - Revert the previous changes that made us switch from bcmwl to
    the open driver, as the latter (in order to be a full replacement)
    seems to require firmware that we cannot include in the Ubuntu
    image because of licensing issues (LP: #1374126).

72. By Alberto Milone on 2014-09-18

* gpu-manager.c:
  - Add support for "gpumanager_uxa" and "gpumanager_modesetting"
    boot parameters, so that there is an option to force NVIDIA
    Optimus systems (that don't work well with Intel/SNA) to use
    either Intel/UXA or modesetting (LP: #1365695).

71. By Alberto Milone on 2014-09-07

* gpu-manager.c, gpu-manager.py:
  - Be more tolerant with xorg.confs. This fixes the multi AMD
    GPU use case where aticonfig insists on not setting the
    PCI domain in the xorg.conf (LP: #1310489). Also add a test
    with one of the xorg.confs from the bug report so that we
    do not regress in the future.

70. By Alberto Milone on 2014-09-01

* gpu-manager.c, gpu-manager.py:
  - Avoid false positives with blacklisted modules (LP: #1363675).
  - Add regression test for the bug.

69. By Alberto Milone on 2014-08-27

* gpu-manager.c, gpu-manager.py:
  - Add support for testing core alternatives. This will be needed
    by fglrx.
  - Add the --backup-log parameter. This is only used for debugging
    and disabled by default.
  - Fix a regression that caused the gpu-manager to switch to mesa
    after enabling fglrx on hybrid systems (LP: #1310489). Also
    add a test case so that we don't regress in the future.
  - Check that either fglrx or nvidia is set in xorg.conf when
    xorg.conf is needed.
  - Check if kernel modules are blacklisted before choosing the
    driver (LP: #1310489).
  - Enable only GPUs with open drivers that have connected outputs.
    Attaching to GPUs that have no connected outputs would result
    in a black screen.
  - Allow RandR offloading even without bbswitch (LP: #1349282).
  - Fall back to mesa when failing to enable prime.
  - Do not try to enable prime if the nvidia driver is older than
  - Do not abort if the settings for prime cannot be found.
    Try creating the file before failing.
  - Avoid false positives of unloaded modules.
  - Use the cleanup attribute.
  - Always use snprintf instead of sprintf.

68. By Martin Pitt on 2014-08-18

* tests/testarchive.py: Organize debs in pool/ structure, for better
* tests/ubuntu_drivers.py: Drop expected failures, they've succeeded for a
  long time. This needs to be fixed properly if there's a bug.
* sl-modem plugin: Keep environment for aplay, just ensure it's using the C
  locale. (LP: #1296425)
* Disable linux-firmware-nonfree autopkgtest for now. bcma does not declare
  any firmware dependencies and linux-firmware-nonfree does not declare
  modaliases, so it either just works now, or the driver needs fixing first.

67. By Alberto Milone on 2014-06-11

* gpu-manager.c:
  - Make sure to unload nvidia-uvm or nvidia won't be
  - Make sure to walk properly the /dev/dri dir. This
    prevents the program from stopping when, for example
    /dev/dri/card1 is available while /dev/dri/card0 is

66. By Alberto Milone on 2014-06-04

* gpu-manager.c:
  - Try harder when loading bbswitch (LP: #1310023).
    If loading bbswitch fails try with or without the
    "skip_optimus_dsm=1" option.
  - Switch to intel/SNA for optimus systems (LP: #1326257).

65. By Alberto Milone on 2014-05-30

[ Tim Lunn ]
* gpu-manager.c, gpu-manager.conf:
  - Use the gpu-manager with GDM too now that support for
    it has landed in Utopic (LP: #1262068).

64. By Alberto Milone on 2014-05-16

* gpu-manager.c, tests/gpu-manager.py:
  - Trim dmi resources or matching will give false positives.
    This should fix LP: #1310516 for good.
  - Re-enable checking alternatives for pxpress.

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