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32. By Arthur de Jong on 2014-07-23

* debconf translation updates:
  - Portuguese by Américo Monteiro (closes: #751047)
  - French by Christian Perrier (closes: #751100)
  - Japanese by Kenshi Muto (closes: #752515)
  - Russian by Yuri Kozlov (closes: #752550)
  - Dutch by Arthur de Jong
  - Swedish by Martin Bagge (closes: #753691)
    (with corrections by Anders Jonsson)
  - Czech by Miroslav Kure (closes: #753710)
  - Danish by Joe Hansen (closes: #753948)
  - Turkish by Mert Dirik (closes: #754101)
  - Slovak by Slavko (closes: #754284)
  - German by Chris Leick (closes: #754476)
  - Polish by Michał Kułach (closes: #754989)
  - Spanish by Matías A. Bellone (closes: #755037)
  - Italian by Beatrice Torracca (closes: #755282)
* for new installs add tls_cacertfile /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt to
  nslcd.conf (closes: #750949)
* provide a debconf prompt for tls_cacertfile if TLS is enabled and reqcert
  is configured (closes: #750949, #661872)
* update autopkgtest tests to dump daemon debug info if tests fail and not
  stop the tests on first failure

31. By Arthur de Jong on 2014-06-08

* upload to unstable
* new upstream release:
  - also handle password policy information on BIND failure (this makes it
    possible to distinguish between a wrong password and an expired
  - fix mapping the member attribute to an empty string
  - any buffers that may have held passwords are cleared before the memory
    is released
  - increase buffer size for passwords to support extremely long passwords
    (thanks ushi)
  - increase buffer size for DN to support very long names or names with
    non-ASCII characters
  - log an error in almost all places where a defined buffer is not large
    enough to hold the provided data instead of just (sometimes silently)
  - logging improvements (start-up problems, login failures)
* add signature checking option to watch file
* add a debian/upstream/metadata file

30. By Arthur de Jong on 2014-03-16

* new upstream release:
  - implement an -n switch to not daemonise (by Caleb Callaway)
  - increase password value buffer size (by Bersl)
  - fix for pwdLastSet attribute value handling (thanks Joshua Shire)
  - fix buffer overflow on interrupted read that is hard to trigger (thanks
    John Sullivan)
  - fix a possible crash in the NSS module when retrieving large networks
    entries (thanks Lukas Slebodnik)
  - avoid more broken pipe errors by using a low timeout when aborting reading
    requested information from nslcd (thanks John Sullivan)
  - only log broken pipe errors in debugging mode
  - ignore SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 for future compatibility
* drop implement-nofork.patch which is part of 0.8.14
* upgrade to standards-version 3.9.5 (no changes needed)

29. By Arthur de Jong on 2013-10-17

* implement-nofork.patch: introduce a -n, --nofork option that skips the
  daemonising step on start-up (this is related to Ubuntu bug 806761 and
  may be required to get nslcd working with upstart)
* add init script dependency on $network to ensure that network is up
  before starting nslcd (closes: #726435)
* clean generated manual pages to allow the package to be built tice in
  a row

28. By Arthur de Jong on 2013-08-14

* debian/copyright: copyright year updates
* feedback from the debian-l10n-english contributors on the debconf
  templates and package descriptions (closes: #707193) (thanks Christian
  PERRIER and Justin B Rye)
* debconf translation updates:
  - Japanese by Kenshi Muto (closes: #711867)
  - Russian by Yuri Kozlov (closes: #711884)
  - Slovak by Slavko (closes: #711889)
  - Portuguese by Américo Monteiro (closes: #712231)
  - Danish by Joe Hansen (closes: #712311)
  - German by Chris Leick (closes: #712728)
  - French by Christian Perrier (closes: #712847)
  - Turkish by Atila KOÇ (closes: #712876)
  - Czech by Miroslav Kure (closes: #713047)
  - Italian by Beatrice Torracca (closes: #713987)
  - Dutch by Arthur de Jong
  - Swedish by Martin Bagge (closes: #714651)
* new debconf translations:
  - Polish by Michał Kułach (closes: #713921)
* debian/nslcd.config: properly handle preseeding and reading values
  from the configuration file by forcefully overwriting debconf values
  from nslcd.conf and not overwriting debconf values when reading other
  configuration files (closes: #717063)

27. By Arthur de Jong on 2013-05-05

* New upstream release
  - include an extra sanity check to ensure not too many file
    descriptors are open
  - fix handling of gid configuration option if it listed before the uid
  - return NSS_STATUS_TRYAGAIN on zero-length (but not-NULL) buffer (thanks
    Jakub Hrozek)
  - provide an _nss_ldap_version symbol in the NSS module to help debug
    problems with a newer nslcd
  - retry updating the lastChange attribute with the normal nslcd LDAP
    connection if the update with the user's connection failed
  - avoid processing passwd_byuid requests for uids below nss_min_uid
  - fix a few minor or very unlikely to occur memory leaks
  - miscellaneous minor changes, fixes and compatibility improvements
* drop 01-fix-set-usec-instead-of-sec.patch which is part of 0.8.13
* remove compatibility code that converted nss-ldapd.conf to nslcd.conf
  for upgrading from pre-0.7 versions of nss-ldapd (thanks Dominik George)
* remove code for fixing permissions when upgrading from a pre-
* updated Turkish debconf translation by Atila KOÇ (closes: #701067)
* drop Richard A Nelson from uploaders
* add build dependency on autotools-dev to ensure config.sub and
  config.guess are automatically updated during build

26. By Arthur de Jong on 2012-12-09

01-use-poll-instead-of-select.patch: update patch to fix a problem in
the timeout calculation used in the communication protocol between
nslcd and the NSS and PAM modules, thanks Julien Cristau

25. By Arthur de Jong on 2012-10-14

* fix a problem in sed logic for commenting out disabled options
  (closes: #689296)
* support "EXTERNAL" SASL mechanism in debconf configuration (LP: #1063923)
  (the debconf template has been postponed to avoid having to update all
  translations for a relatively minor change)
* 01-use-poll-instead-of-select.patch: use poll() instead of select()
  for checking file descriptor activity to also correctly work if more
  than FD_SETSIZE files are already open (closes: #690319)

24. By Arthur de Jong on 2012-08-31

* fix typo in comment (thanks Caleb Callaway)
* install a ldapns.ldif in nslcd doc directory (closes: #674591)
* ensure that time is set before starting k5start to ensure that Kerberos
  ticket is granted (closes: #659227)
* properly parse and write configuration options with an optional map
  parameter during debconf configuration (LP: #1029062)

23. By Arthur de Jong on 2012-06-29

* New upstream release:
  - documentation improvements
  - fix a problem that causes the PAM module to prompt for a new password
    even though the old one was wrong
  - log successful password change in nslcd

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